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Thread: Happy New Years!!!

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    Re: Happy New Years!!!

    I have no resolutions, as i know i can never actually keep them. My hopes for 2009 is that things work out better than in 08. Not politically or financially, but just things in general.

    My best memory of 08 was when Lauren and I went to see "The Happening".
    The movie was alright, but what really wowed us was we unexpectidly met up with a large group of our friends. We proceeded to ask if they wanted to go to dinner afterwards and we all ended up going to the local diner for a great time.

    And to top it all off, that was my prom night, which i basically told to f**k right off.
    Why hello there!

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    Re: Happy New Years!!!

    happy new year to all and my hope is that my country would be better have more jobs and my life would be a better one

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    Re: Happy New Years!!!

    Happy new years to everyone on AO ^.^ Uhhh... Lets see. My new years resolutions.. I would want to start my own manga and learn how to play Gutair. And, go to a Tokio hotel concert with some of my friends.

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    Re: Happy New Years!!!

    happy new year i wish to all member of AO

    in this brand new year i hope that our world always peaceful...

    and may have great day all the times

    may your life full of laughter...

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    Re: Happy New Years!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by katsoyori33 View Post
    Its a brand new year! A fresh start for the world!! ^_^

    So, what are your hopes for 2009?? What's your new years resolution? And what is your most memorable experience of 2008??
    lol...katsoryi you sure know how to livin up a crowd don't you...lol...but yeah i hope you all have good new year and some new years revoulitions...mine are
    1. Pass 11th grade with at least a C or higher
    2. Read 15 new manga volumes
    3. GET ANOTHER JOB...lol
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    Re: Happy New Years!!!

    Happy New Year!
    Hope my hair grows back.
    Hope my skin clears.
    Hope my parents come back safely.

    My most memorable time in '08 is when My sister and brother and I played Wii sports for the first time. My sis nervously tried Wii golf and laughed the whole time. She got the Wii console as a birthday present from my bro. I played tennis and my bro played softball. Fun times.

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