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Thread: Happy Shrove Tuesday!

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    Happy Shrove Tuesday!

    Well it is British tradition that on shrove Tuesday (First Tuesday in February) that we all eat PANCAKES!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia
    Shrove Tuesday is the term used in the United Kingdom [1] and Australia[2] to refer to the day after Shrove Monday (or the more old fashioned Collop Monday) and before Ash Wednesday (the liturgical season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday). In Ireland, England and amongst Anglicans, Lutherans and possibly other Protestant denominations in Canada including Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, this day is also known as Pancake Day or Pancake Tuesday, because it is customary to eat pancakes on this day.[3][4][5] In other parts of the world—for example, in historically Catholic and French-speaking parts of the United States and elsewhere—this day is called Mardi Gras. In areas with large Polish-immigrant populations (for example, Chicago) it is known as Tłusty Czwartek and celebrated on the Thursday before Lent. And in areas with large German-immigrant populations (for example, Pennsylvania Dutch Country) it is known as Fasnacht Day (also spelled Fausnacht Day and Fauschnaut Day).
    So Enjoy your pancakes today people!!
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    Re: Happy Shrove Tuesday!

    I dont really think this is a good holiday because there is alot of holidays that could happen then sunday monday wensday holiday its like okay to call this a holiday.

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    Re: Happy Shrove Tuesday!

    awesome! ^_^. To think that I'm in Australia and have never heard of this! Must mark on the calender for next year (may even do it tomorrow XD) There is a morning to eat pancakes and crepes coming up this month but, it's for charity. perhaps that's where they got the idea.

    @Gungrave - it's not holiday, just a day when it's traditional to eat pancakes

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    Re: Happy Shrove Tuesday!

    Pancakes? Wow... I guess I should make some right now then!

    I think it's a cute tradition! ^^
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    Re: Happy Shrove Tuesday!

    Well I see people haven't been reading. The French call this Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is celebrated greatly in Louisiana. In the US it is celebrated at a much later date. Its not an excuse for eating pancakes. It started out as a Christian holiday celebrated before Ash Wednesday. I don't know the details but since it overlaps with the Jewish passover the pancakes might be a symbol for the unleaven bread which was eaten at this time. Unleaven bread is flat bread that doesn't grow in the oven. After a few hundred years the Church must have thought it wasn't necessary since the actual holiday starts with Ash Wednesday but traditions stick so its now just a pancake eating day. Many countries celebrated it on different days because its one of those moving holidays to make it more convenient for the economy especially since February isn't an active month other than Valentine's Day.

    Most of this is based on my studies at seminary school and my own logic. Its possible what I said is not completely true. I will be getting more info to confirm all this and straighten out the facts.

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    Re: Happy Shrove Tuesday!


    O_o; that's it?

    I need to give up **** and all I get before it is pancakes?

    This is why I'm not Catholic.

    Though even if I was, I'd rather go for the topless boozer dancing beads and candy parade version :P

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