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Thread: Has any iPhone user tried these books?

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    Has any iPhone user tried these books?

    I saw they have these novels with computer graphics, like comic books, and I’m quite interested, just wanna know if anyone bought one from them before? How’s the content? YouTube - Ebooks for iPAD, Kindle, and PC
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    Re: Has any iPhone user tried these books?

    from the looks of the 'books' in question, they do not look like high quality literature (if they could even be considered that).

    So I'm forced to come to the conclusion that you're a spammer trying to get people to buy your books.

    Since I'm not entirely sure, I'm not going to ban you. Either case, this thread is closed.

    If you are a spammer, you will most likely not come back, or you'll just spam again (and you'll get banned), if you're not one, well, this shouldn't matter.

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