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Thread: Have you ever changed??...emotionally

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    Have you ever changed??...emotionally

    The way u used to feel, your feelings, how you think...

    As for me, I used to be a very happy person but as I grow up...I've become quite emotional...I don't share that much about myself to my parents but they do notice it...maybe because I'm always expecting for something which I shouldn't, but hopes and dreams we're always in me...I never lose hope because of the people around me that supports me fully.

    I used to be friendly too(I still am but in the other way around)...but now, you'll never even notice that I just passed you by the hallway or some street out there...I've become quite a silent person and I know that silent water runs deep...I dunno, but when it comes to my friends..I'm very energetic maybe becoz I want them to feel comfortable with me at all times or is it that I'm really close to them. At first I thought I was just shy or something but now, I think I'm becoming numb...my head's always think deeper thoughts like I'm in some kind of a deep dream...

    Most of the changes in me are quite negative...I'm not that sociable person like I used to be and maybe that's the reason why I always end up being alone or maybe I just can't see them who are always deep within me...

    I hope you share yours too may it negative or positive...

    "Never tell a man that you love him until he has declared his undying love for you."

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    Re: Have you ever changed??...emotionally

    ^_^ in more ways than i can even think... that's all thanks to my Darling...

    i just feel different, in a good way... the kind were you're reaching something good... that you're becoming someone you like... and, i know my honey had a lot to do with that... i have a long way to go, but with help from above and down here, everything should turn out well...

    when did it happen, the first day i told him i loved him... those days in the office... ^_^ many things culminating into what i am today...

    ^_^ i don't want to give the details really, so i'll let it stay a little vauge...

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    Otaku pink_hana may be famous one day pink_hana may be famous one day
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    Re: Have you ever changed??...emotionally

    what a cute love story you've got...hope someday I would have one too...have a happy love life!!!...I wish u all the happiness ever..^_^

    "Never tell a man that you love him until he has declared his undying love for you."

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    Re: Have you ever changed??...emotionally

    I always used to keep people at a distance from me when there was something troubling me because I didn't want to effect their mood. Now I hope my boyfriend agrees when I say, I talk to him about everything so he can help me. Just showing that trust in someone is different to what I usually do.
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    Re: Have you ever changed??...emotionally

    Don't worry, PH, you're just going through an emotional phrase, and these emotions are normal to feel.

    Yup. As we grow up, we experience many changes inside us, partlydue to the hormones, and the others are normal, or according to your surroundings.

    You are a teenager right? So am I, and everyone goes through this stage, where you're not a kid nor an adult.


    Now to the topic.
    Yes, I have been changed emotionally, but I'd rather sa my emotions have "changed" over time.
    I used to be very negative when i was around 3-4 and around 13 years of age.
    I was determined to change myself.

    Some people think postively, most think negatively.

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    Re: Have you ever changed??...emotionally

    hmm... i guess ihave...

    just as they say...

    we never really change
    we never really grow up
    we're still the sam child
    who wants attention
    who wants to cry
    who wants to hang out
    at the playground
    who wants to be cuddled
    and kissed and hugged
    but one thing happens
    to make us feel and act


    and that changes us forever...

    i guess when it's all my fault i've lost all the right to cry or whine or regret... i broke off one relationship that meant the world to me... just because i had a really bad day... and that she didn't know i was having one... she meant all the world to me... the hell... i even wanted to marry her already.. as early as now...
    i broke the heart of the heart of the one io cared for the most... i can't even bare to look at her straight in the eye anymore... all those nights she triued to fix it... and i was too much of a coward that i couldn't even see her knocking at the very door of my soul...
    it hurts too much to actually remember...
    she's gone now... they've left for another country...
    before she left she actually gave me a roll of coreless tissue paper... and i kept it for a year or two before i realized there was something solid in the center of the tissue roll...
    i unwrapped it and there i found a tissue paper of our favorite coffee shop... stained with a streak of chocolate and whipped cream. stapled to it was a not saying: "i guess i messed up real bad huh... i'm sorry to have caused too much hurt... i do hope you don't ever forget me... remember when i wiped your mouth with this tissue on our first date ever... i kept it... i hope you take care of it for me... it hurts too much for me to look at it when we're too far apart... that's my treasure... please care for it as much as i care for you..."

    and it included a key chain... of half a heart... it read "art forever"

    below the note it read: "PS: the heart's supposed to read "to never part forever"

    that broke my heart right there... i guess i was too stupid to actually realize just how much she meant to me...

    i guess it's true... regret always comes in the end... when it's already too late.

    that was about 4 years ago... when i was still 14... i'm in another relationship now... and i still keep the tissue and the keychain, that she may guide my every move not to make the same mistake again... i hope to be a better person now...
    i'll choose to love whoever i wish to love and nobody can stop me from doing so ----

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    Re: Have you ever changed??...emotionally

    Hmm... I've always been emotional and I actualy hope that it won't change much... I don't want to become cold and not- nice. I enjoy being the naive little, emotioal, shiny Laura, because I hink it just makes me different and I can understand people. I get in trouble for being too open, too trusting, but it's worth it beause there are always friends I've made because of the same reasons that support me...

    The only way I have changed is something good- I've become less shy, though I'm still shy in a level that makes it hard to live sometimes... But I think Londond being a big multinational city will change it....

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: Have you ever changed??...emotionally

    i never used to be emotional when i was about 8-13 but then i started thinking about things i have done then i just got really emotional and from now on i have been so the answer to your question is yes i have

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