Most of the guys you know use other people, eh... How many guys do you know? Maybe you're not living in a neighborhood full of considerate guys.

The boys (youth) in my community... Most of them are annoying, loutish, and pathetic, but I can blame that on the environment. Where I live is a place where peer pressure is at an all-time high, and that being "cool" means being closeminded to differing opinions and cultures, vandalizing school property, and making the people around you deaf by yelling and screaming (usually profanities) for fun. But they never use anyone. As amazingly vexing as these people are, somehow shreds of empathy reside within them... At least to the point where they won't make other people cry.

Concerning the men, the ones who have matures and are past puberty, they are much more civilized, charming, and considerate. I sometimes wonder how fathers like these can spawn such infernal... But anyway, they don't use people either.

Using people, I find the act very contemptible. Lucky for me, I've never been used... Friends who could drifted away after the elementary school years, and since then none of my peers became close enough to me to be able to use me.