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Thread: Having kids?

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    Re: Having kids?

    Quote Originally Posted by equinn View Post
    well me and my bf have already been talking about having kids etc (were only like 16)

    but we have said we want a family before were 25 so we can grow up and still watch our kids grow and watch them grow for a very long time...

    even though this isn't a good idea for your careers etc

    and i already know i want kids and if i was to have them when in a job i would leave the job to look after my kids i wouldn't want them to think there mum or dad was never home...and it would be wrong to send them to there aunts , uncles or grandparents

    but i wanna know what you guys think about have u ever thought about having a family?...
    me and my gf want to have atleast one child... it is gunna be pretty tough seeing as we both are girls... everything is so expensive now so it is really hard desciding on what to do... i dont want to have the kid because my family has such a bad blood line but hers is normal
    we are going to have a baby some how...

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    Re: Having kids?

    My girlfriend and I HATE kids, yet we talked about having some (We don't even plan on getting married, nor want to lawl). We basically said that if she ever gets impregnated by me, it's obviously because I wanted to prank her "OH! You're pregnant! LOLOLOLOLOLOLLLOLOLOL!!!!"

    Either way...we went as far as discussing having 5, just because of the names; we just can't narrow down to one. The pathetic thing is she's 16, I'm almost 18.

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    Re: Having kids?

    Yes!! triple yes!! i love kids.they are so cute and fun i hope me and my hubby will have a big family Ha i think 10 is a good number. Lol . i currently babysit kids, so i can get use to it.

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    Re: Having kids?

    Yes I have, on numerous occasions. Heck, i even have what I want to name my daughter when i have one.. I know i'll hav one because i won't stop having kids until i have a baby girl. Her name is going to be Nyia Summer-Lynia.. i think it's a beautiful name and i can't wait to see what she'll look like...

    yes... i want kids. There's nothing wrong with it, Almost all females start wanting babies around 16 years old..
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    Re: Having kids?

    I'd like to have kids unless it's the anti-christ. The thought of the devil spawn or re-incarnation of Hitler scares me. I'm also afraid of diapers and poop. I'm also afraid it will grow up to be a rebellious teen with some serious issues. I'd be scared ****less raising it wondering if I were doing a good job... but the thought of birth will pain me. I'd like to have a son and call him Cellers. I also wanted to call a girl baby Dierdre.... but then I looked up Dierdre in the name dictionary and it ended up meaning enraged heartbroken woman so changed it to Avalon instead... or maybe Jade.. i dunno... but I do believe a child is a gift from God and is of the utmost important fabric of society to raise it well. I don't know if I'll ever have a kid... or the person who'll have it with me.. but if i'm an old maid I can always babysit my nephews.

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