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Thread: Health Watch: Weight....

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    Talking Health Watch: Weight....

    Hello all of AO. The time has come again where i ask another question in which needs answering.

    I weigh 138lbs, and am 6ft and 16 yrs old.

    And id like to know if everyone considers that to be fat or skinny/ healthy or unhealthy.

    Personally i thi8nk im a bit overweight, i wish to return to 130 lbs but uncertain if that is healthy.

    Also id like you to discuss why you think so

    And if you're willing too, let the rest of AO know you weight, heith and age, and wut you think of your health.

    Also feel free to post links to healthcare sites and such...


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    Re: Health Watch: Weight....

    Journal/diary material Rook. Put it there.

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