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Thread: Heart of magic.

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    Heart of magic.

    Hello AO I checked before posting this but I don't think there's one like this up right now...and I'm not sure if it's been discused before but... I'm going to get to the point now.
    Everyone I've met here on AO has a fascination with magic to a certain degree. (Maybe that's because anime and magic pretty much go hand in hand.) However there are obviously different styles and preferences on what magic is... to some it's as simple as pulling bunnies out of a hat, while to others it could be performing miracles with godlike powers.
    My question to all of you intelligent people who are as fascinated with this topic as I am is...
    What is your idea of magic? Is it over the top power or simple trickery or something else?
    Please share and describe your ideas ^_^

    I like this topic and the reason why I ask is because I'm actually writing a set of novels based off of different facets of magic. I'm pretty sure I got them all but I need a little input just to be sure.

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    Re: Heart of magic.

    hmm well for me magic is more of a frame of mind
    take voodoo for instance its a form of magic because
    of the rituals preformed ,i relate it to peganism almost
    for the simple fact they chant and use candles and some times
    blood of animals and this and that from people , justlike in wica
    though that only becuase i have seen both kinds and thats what
    they did to seem the same to me.

    there are other ideas of magic of course like demonolgy
    or the study of demons and of the occult rituals that stem
    from that , its basicly the same with chants symbols and
    blood but its used for a darker purpose if you belive in that

    though i firmly belive that magic is all in perception
    and how far your willing to let your self be taken in
    sublimanily or by sugestion for it to seem like magic.

    this is just my opinon though and i could go on
    but i want to see what else could be said
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    Re: Heart of magic.

    Thanks Chalice ^_^
    I suppose I should've included a basic of what I believe magic to be... and here I am asking you people for opinions without relinquishing any information myself.
    Due to the fact that throughout history there have been people with Mystic capabilities I believe that magic is the expression of a person's heart taken form. I use it as a classification for anything that people call impossible outside of imagination and don't think that it is restricted to dark natures or only capable through performance of rituals
    but it's the power to do something beyond normal means.

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    Re: Heart of magic.

    I am very big fan of magic...no matter if it nature, spiritual or a guy "performing" on stage.....
    Magic has always fascinated me and I currently own over 100 books dealing with magic all around the world.....
    And on some level....I do believe in it or try my best to believe in it....but my logical side takes over and says "you must be nuts to believe that"......
    So....I am split when it comes down to magic......I like to learn about it more that actually believing in it......

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    Re: Heart of magic.

    Hmm, in my opinion it's the ability to use elemental powers like fire, water, wind and other power like summoning monsters. This is the type of magic i like a lot. I do like illusions, but that it just illusions
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    Re: Heart of magic.

    Hmm.... magic is both a power over the top and a trickery. I just think it's possible for people to be able to use the powers of nature in their good, why wouldn't it be possible? And so there are people who have found out a secrt of the nature and use it.

    I think magic is kind of a science. All that was magical before is now science. From one hand it is good, because we can all now learn to manipluate with it, but from other hand, we lose the sence of mystery and we lose that adrenaline of seeing something impossible once we know it's just a chemical reaction or phisics and we also start manipulating with it too much...

    I've been interested in magic for a very long time, I've read a enciclopedia-type book about it and I do hand readings and card readings when something is bothering me. Cards have told me a lot of things... kinda... I think that cards just help me clear my mind and think and see all the possible variations and endings of what is happening and chose the most possible one.

    It's all in the power of human mind- we see, we learn, we try to understand, we manipulate, we predict... You can either call it science or magic. I prefere magic because I just love the mystical feeling

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: Heart of magic.

    Ahem, if any of you did some reading on "Magic" books, you'd find that Crowley added a K into the spelling. Wiccan books I see however lack the K, which I'm fine by, as staed we all have different perceptions of magick (Yet to me it's all the same in a sense). I myself am an occultist (Should't really openly admit this, but ouh well; to hell with the rules that others have put up).

    There are many forms, Wiccnas engage in a more natural magick then what I'm accustom to, if you want to get the many varieties I suggest reading these boooks, or giving them a scan: Wiccan For Beginners, The Grimoir for the Apprentice Wizard, Nocturnicon, Summoning Spirits, and The Book of Black Magick ( I however HATE that peole label magick "Black" correspondign with "evil" and White corresponding it with "good". MAgick is magick, end of). Those will give you a variety of background and point of views. Also reading up on books Crowley wrote gives some good perceptions - there's a bunch of authors though.

    As for those stage actors with their "tricks" I'd hardly consider that "magic", just illusions and clever planned out tricks.

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