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Thread: The Hellion Bar - At The Crossroads Of Eternity

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    Re: The Hellion Bar - At The Crossroads Of Eternity

    [Sorry for not having done an in-character reply in a while, guys. It's so hard to motivate myself to RP these days; it really lost its magic when I was younger, but I'll admit that this is a unique thread for me in that I love the replies thus far and it churns my interest and even gets a reply from me now and then, but as of right now, I'm just too lazy to bust that inner RP self into gear, so I'll take a back seat for a half moment and let you guys generate a bit more interest in here while I work on a strong reply for you all to digest .]

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    Re: The Hellion Bar - At The Crossroads Of Eternity

    The bouncers group up in front of the door with their metal clubs, ready to remove the dalek from the premises, aura of confidence bolstering resolve. There are 5 of them. They each twist the handle of their clubs. Suddenly, each begins to glow with a blue light. The dalek proceeds with firing off laser bolts at the orcs, and catches an innocent bystander with one.*BZZZAP!* With the crash of light and a shriek, she collapses into a heap of smoky, charred flesh.

    However, the bouncers raise their lit up clubs and each begins to emit a blue, transparent tile of energy. Laser bolts crash against these shields as the dalek rolls further into the bar with a monotonous declaration "Exterminate!"

    Patrons run amuck, going for whatever exit they can find. The bar begins to empty out.

    Hash merely watches and makes a few hand gestures, keeping the bouncers motivated with Sith mind tricks. His gold-handled, orange bladed lightsaber remains in his hand, poised downwards.

    As they close in on the dalek, the light on their clubs begins to turn red. The energy tiles turn red as well, and the bouncers focus them towards one another. The tiles begin to come together as one big, red energy tile.

    The dalek frantically fires off laser bolts in attempts to pierce through the energy tile, but to no avail. Whatever damage done to the tiles barely penetrate them. As the tiles turn red and form together, a stray bolt passes and punches through one of the bouncer's shoulders and he nearly drops his club. His left arm hangs useless, smoking hole where a shoulder should be.
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