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Thread: Is it his fault, or her fault?

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    Re: Is it his fault, or her fault?

    it was both of them fault because if they didn't fight or something like that happened they will stay together ....

    but sometimes it become the girl fault because she were playing around with some boys and then her boyfriend come and he saw her .... and you know what will happened they will start a fight then the boy say that is it we finished her and then he lave her .... ^_^; i think like that ....

    and sometimes it is the boy fault like the girl saw him with some other girls or he haven't give to her the attention she want or this boy not the boy of her dreams so she leave him and she is thinking *if he love me for real he will come and stop me* .... ^_^; i think like that too ..... ... =^_^=
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    Re: Is it his fault, or her fault?

    You see..this is what I hate about relationships..drama, drama and more drama.
    He blames it on her, she blames it on him, then he gets his friends to be against her and then she does the same thing and then things get so confusing that in the end you do not know who is right and who is wrong and all you get is hurt and pain.
    Don't the people in the relationship sense if their relationship lost that "zest" or "spark" and why can't they just talk it over like two mature human beings and talk over their problems instead of keeping it to themselves and then everything blowing over.

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    Re: Is it his fault, or her fault?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kool2bchilln View Post
    Overall the distrust of one another, as the girl would say that she was testing to see if he cared enough, and he would not have had any idea what was going on, creating despair and distrust which does create a sense of hopelessness...
    Woo! Pessimism!

    Anywho, they both fail. He let her go, she let go. One could just go "Meh, sorry". Then comes the hugs, forgivness all that other BS. Not that hard, OUH WAIT, pride overcomes a lot of people.

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