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Thread: Holiday PLans

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    Holiday PLans

    Well i didnt see anything up here about it so i guess its ok to post.

    well I was wondering what you all have planned?
    Are you going to see family. or are you going to stay home?
    Having any crazy out there parties? What fun things have you got planned??
    Also what is your fondest holiday memory??

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    Re: Holiday PLans

    Well, I'm staying home this year...much like the past few years since my family is more broken up than it's former glory and whatnot. But yeah, it's most likely just gonna be me staying up for hours beyond bedtime on Christmas eve, then somehow managing to wake up first on Christmas morning. Then I'll wait for my parents...a real drag. And then the merriment will begin and In the afternoon we'll have dinner. Pretty normal.

    I actually had a Party at my Karate dojo over the weekend for Christmas. It was only for Staff members, like myself [An assistant instructor], and the others. It was quite fun. We got to have some pizza, talk, and then Play Call of Duty 4 on a projector. I was doing pretty good, considering that was the second real shooter I've ever played. Then I went home. Gooood times.
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    Re: Holiday PLans

    I will spend mine like I do every year. Me and my parents go to my grandmas for Christmas Eve, come home and go to bed much earlier than I need to that way morning comes faster (I am such a little kid at heart) I will wake up play my new video games and what not. Thats about it. Sounds dull to most people I realize, but it is actually quite relaxing. Nice way to slow things down, for some reason I get real stressed around the holidays, and for little reason.

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    Re: Holiday PLans

    I spent Chanukah with my family, and I will spend the rest of the holiday season with them.

    It will be me , my mother, my brother, his wife, my one sister, her husband, and my niece.

    We will open gifts. We just call them winter fest gifts. Which works out great for my one sister since she's a Pagan and celebrates Yule.

    Then we will talk while the yule log "burns" on the tv, and the music plays.

    After that we will eat. My one sister works on Christmas all the time. She is a Pagan after all. She'll be here to eat after work, and she will open her gifts then, and give us hers.

    We usually end up playing some sort of game before the nights over. Everyone has a good time. Even our spoiled pets get their own gifts and treats. have to include the babies.

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    Re: Holiday PLans

    What I have planned? What I have planned...

    I'll be going to Gold's Gym as often as I can. My stupid life—or rather, the loss of it—has really wasted my year-long membership. And when I get home, it'll be just relaxing... whether that means video games, reading, continuing my self-taught Japanese lessons, or continuing my self-taught piano lessons. And I'll actually start going to the theaters again... last time I saw a movie in the theaters was let's say, three months ago? Oh, and there's a lot of stuff I have to order online, and all those DVDs that I've really been itchin' to buy and see...

    I don't plan on celebrating with my relatives. I have nothing in common with them except genes... And that isn't a very good topic to start a conversation with particularly devout Seventh Day Adventists and such... Particularly devout. The younger ones don't see anything wrong with Harry Potter, but the older ones say that public schools corrupt children's minds and may eventually lead them to... well, you know where. i just don't wish to offend anybody.

    I'll be left to ponder what joys I have left in my life. Living isn't as enjoyable as it used to be, but the holiday season always gets my spirits amped up... Except when it comes to budget. I weep over the costs of shipping cool knick-knacks and what-nots from Japan and so-on.. And then there's the time it'll take for the things to arrive.

    (^_^;) Happy Holidays everyone.
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