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Thread: Horoscope, tarrot cards...ect ect, opinions?

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    Re: Horoscope, tarrot cards...ect ect, opinions?

    well XD i love reading horoscope >< it make me say "ooo really" XD lol well it is fun to read it but to come to the other side of it i don't believe in it really i will accept anything that God have putted for me ^_^ , so i just read it for fun >< and say to anyone that ask me about it if i read it so i can say "yes i did" lol >< .... =^_^=
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    Re: Horoscope, tarrot cards...ect ect, opinions?

    I find horoscopes to be absolutely hilarious. There's a local magazine I read almost every week with a horoscope in it and -get this- it has never even been remotely right.
    You'd think that after all these years it would have gotten at least something right accidentally by now.

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    Re: Horoscope, tarrot cards...ect ect, opinions?

    Quote Originally Posted by RayMe View Post

    Well.. this is among my favourite songs if it's by Weird Al Yanko...

    Your Horoscope for today (amv)

    So.. my question here this time is.. Do you believe in such things about future predictions? Tarrot Card, Palm reading, Bone reading, Rock reading, Horoscope and ect ect... You can put some of those you know as well... lol

    Do you believe in suchs or just believe in them just for fun or to raise optimistical thought over your future?

    Name some interesting way that people use to see the future if you do know some ^^

    Here's one of mine...

    -The midnight mirror ;
    Principles are the same as Snow white's enchanted mirror.. only be done using any kind of mirror.. the conditions are that,

    i) By the stroke of midnight comb your hair in front of a mirror... (they say you may see the supernatural world instead)
    ii) By the stroke of midnight bite a red apple infront of a mirror ( You may see your future husband/wife's face or in some cases your face when you die if you do not marry before you pass away )

    To me.. the most effective and trustable future predicting is through dreams when we sleep... i faced this phenomenon where i dreamed and my dreams come true exactly the way it was.. and everytime it happens.. well.. you know how it feels when de ja vu happens
    Freaky! xD

    Well happy posting
    My belief in horoscopes at all is a pet peeve of my coworkers.

    I believe in horoscopes, palm readings, and tarot readings to an extent. Most people that read rocks are either modern alchemists or loony so I don’t usually credit that.

    I’m not sure why I believe in it at all. I know from the past that those things are inaccurate at least 75% of the time and I know that the chances of horoscope being accurate are always off because I was born around the end of my sign but the idea that people can somehow by whatever means predict what your day or future will be like is pretty useful cause if it were accurate at least 90% of the time you could kinda plan your day around catastrophic events or increase the likelihood of having a good day all the time. Maybe that’s why I believe in it.
    I think palm readings are more accurate than horoscopes and both are more reliable than tarot cards I’ve found. I’ve been to like a zillion tarot cards readings and at least 4 times out of 10 I’ve been told I was either going to die that very day or someone I loved was going to die. Years later, here I am, still alive. As for my loved ones. . . . they didn’t die like they were supposed to. I hope that’s a good thing. (I don’t wanna mess around with fate or anything like that.)

    Here’s my Horoscope from Daily Singles
    Go somewhere different for lunch. Work at a cafe for a while if you can. Find a cultural event happening this evening that's unlike anything you've ever done or seen before. Mix it up and see what happens!

    And here’s my horoscope from Daily Extended
    No one's saying you have to shout, but you certainly won't be able to keep quiet -- not now. You have something on your mind, and you're not at all willing to bury it. Not again. Your best bet is to meet up with the person in question right now, sit them down and, without pulling any punches or trying to sugarcoat it, let them know exactly what you expect from them. If they can handle it, so much the better. You'll probably be closer afterward.

    And this is apparently one of those times where I put my foot in my mouth because one of those things already came true and the other is very likely to happen for whatever reason. . . .
    I guess my horoscope is getting more accurate by the day.

    As for dreams. . . . .
    There are like 7 theories as to why we dream, three of which have already been clinically proven.
    Whether or not you should make predictions off them is . . . well it suggests that people while they are dreaming are capable of ESP. And while I don’t doubt it is possible (sleep or awake), the chances for dreams being a reliable basis for this sort of thing aren’t very high because most people (by age and gender0 have varying degrees to which they can remember their dreams. And you can’t make a prediction based off something learned in an altered state of consciousness that you can’t remember accurately.
    The best thing in this sort of situation is to just by a dream dictionary. There are plenty of good ones out there.

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    Re: Horoscope, tarrot cards...ect ect, opinions?

    I try to not let things like that control my life, but I'm a believer in omens and predictability. It's nice to be wary of the words so you can at least be prepared should something like your prediction becomes reality.
    Why hello there!

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