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Thread: Hospitals Suck!!!!

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    Re: Hospitals Suck!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by mystical shadow angel View Post
    It was sealed and everything so that was a bit of a reassurance.
    Do not let yourself get into that mindset for once you become afraid those kinds of things you'll find yourself in strange and frightening territory. The bacteria within the white walls are no more threatening than those in the open air, and other facilities.

    My friend gave me a theory awhile go that drove my mind nuts. He said that our city is a potential death sentence. We have many buildings that are dedicated to the study of science and, as science must be, the study of experiments. Now, Winnipeg has nothing fancy like Bethesda but still, we're not just fooling around with the cold virus under a microscope.

    He said that there is only one way out the city, which is partially true. To leave Winnipeg one must travel along the Perimeter Highway either north farther into Manitoba then to the Arctic North. East to Ontario, south to the N. Dakota and west to Saskatchewan.

    What if one of those buildings were to breach? Our little city has been conditioned to meet quarantine protocol wonderfully. My biggest argument against his theory was why would Winnipeg have such mysterious tests going on that we would need an effective solution to quell the possibility of an epidemic.

    I'm far more paranoid about other things to fill my head with the thought of a super bacteria letting loose and killing us all. Science is frail and young though not entirely unsafe. There is nothing wrong and there is no need to worry, I promise.

    If the world does fall to its knees because of something along these lines, you can blame me. I jinxed it, my head can roll.
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    Re: Hospitals Suck!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by mystical shadow angel View Post
    Sure, you can complain about the food and the smell and the bacteria and the plain walls (I complained a bit during my short hospitalization for food poisoning when I was about four years old, but kids complain all the time so no one really paid attention)...
    It's because they complain too much that the kids' wards are usually colourful. =]

    I've been hospitalized a few times myself, twice for fractured bones and once for a concussion. It's normal if you play rough sports. They generally don't like to keep me there too long, 'cuz I don't need the bed and I don't need (or want) their food either. I'm quite happy with the way the hospitals are run here in Australia. Friendly nurses, nice doctors, and I'm not too paranoid about bacteria either. It's not like there's no bacteria at home or whatever. For those who complain about staying too long in a hospital, waiting too long for a diagnosis, plain walls, yuck food, the smell - just be thankful you have a hospital to go to.

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    Re: Hospitals Suck!!!!

    Hmm, I haven't had a bad experience with any hospitals yet. (of course, I've only been there like twice in my life that I remember.) But I have had relatives with bad experiences. I think what determines a good experience is a balanced ratio between the busyness of the hospital and how many good doctors and nurses are on staff at any given time. Although if your injury is really bad, you may have an unpleasant visit regardless, but at least if you have docs that aren't being overworked because they're so many people to take care of, you'll probably have a better experience. Also how big the hospital is can be important, if they don't have enough specialists, it can be a huge pain trying to switch hospitals.

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    Re: Hospitals Suck!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hassun View Post
    And what about those scary hospital bacteria? Resistant to almost every form of antibiotics!
    i know hopitals are soooooooooooooooooooooo gross. i can't stand to just look at them
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    Re: Hospitals Suck!!!!

    I remember I had to stay in the hopital once for a week..
    when I finally got out i didnt even go home that night lol

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    Re: Hospitals Suck!!!!

    yeah hospital suck, a friend of mine was drove to the hospital. at first we didn't know why he started to vomit and in a lot of pain, then we found out its was stone kidney. he was given pain killers to ease the pain, went in thursday, returned monday, beside this the only other time was when there was a birth happening a few day before and going to see the new baby.
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    Re: Hospitals Suck!!!!

    I remember my three time experience in the hospital before, and do not get me started with the early wakenings, as in Children's Behavioral Hospitals i had to go there for only three times so basically it was about two solid months i had to take time in there. I at first was scared to be in there, but once i woke up the worryiness went freely instead of haywiring.

    The only thing that was good about the hospital, was the food the training groups and community meeting every morning and afternoon. Once you go bad there is no saying into i did not mean to, it was saying i meant to and i cannot undo what i did for the mistake and usually that kind of reactions happen alot and never end up in a good consequence. The good consequence in something is that you have issues being ressolved and your controlling your emotions and the anger you had before.

    My stay was surely like a vacation and never ending up bad, but i must admit that hospital got me chilled and a bit afraid of what i was facing all the time in my dreams.

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    Re: Hospitals Suck!!!!

    I don't really have an opinion on them, the only time I've been to a hospital is the time I got a needle in my foot. But as far as that goes, I haven't had much people that were close to me in a hospital, and I, myself, haven't even been in one for a long time, so no I can't say hospitals suck.

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