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Thread: How Can You Tell?

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    How Can You Tell?

    Basically, I'm just asking this, how can you tell that the person you love is 'the one'? (or any other variant of that term).

    I'm really unsure of how to tell, because up until a few days ago, I was in a relationship with the only girl I've ever truly loved and cared for. We broke up on mutual terms, thinking it was for the best, after we were having quite a few arguments. It was the last thing I wanted to do, and I feel I made a big mistake :/, and now I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get her back . Things are different then they were with my other exes, because I truly love her, and I'm not sure if I'm ever going to be able to let go or love anyone else :/. I was sure that she's the one, but after the break up, and that I'm unable to get her back (for now at least), I'm not sure. Will I get her back? Will I find someone else? I never felt this bad before, and I'm just feeling so empty and lost.

    So yeah, how do you think you can tell whether or not someone is the one or not?

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    Re: How Can You Tell?

    im sorry about your breakup.i almostmade the mistake of breaking up with my bf a few months ago.that wouldve been the mistake of my life time.it was for the same reason with you too.we had argued alot and i was tired of it,it ws because i had been too buisy to talk to him much because of band and school and stuff:/everythings better now though.i think how you can tell if the person is "the one" is when you can truly imagin spending your life with them.think about all the moments.the little ones.would you still kiss them when theyre old and shrivly and drooling from the mounth?lol.i know it sounds gross but its somewthing to think about.would you regret forgeting about them and moving on to someone else?do they love you in the same way.i cant deside if you really love someone.i think its different for everyoine.youll know when theyre"the one"
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