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Thread: how difficult is it to believe? (non-religious)

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    how difficult is it to believe? (non-religious)

    belief has always been regarded as a powerful force... man's desire and belief to one day fly, has brought him to invent the plane...

    ho hard is it to blieve in something so unsure, like the future, the present, the past, the lessons learned, the unstable friend, the people, and ultimately in yourself?

    how long does it take for the power of belief to seep into the recesses of one's identity and faith...

    do you have faith in the people around you? do you believe?

    "the power to believe
    has never reached
    as far as it has in the past

    people have started to forget
    what a mere leap of faith
    can do to a dying flame
    of hope and love...

    do you believe?
    can you believe?
    will you believe...

    just post anything which may help... i found out the hard way that opening up is a very powerful eye-opening act to discover your true self...
    i'll choose to love whoever i wish to love and nobody can stop me from doing so ----

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    Re: how difficult is it to believe? (non-religious)

    This is not a pulpit. It is a forum. And while you're welcome to discuss religious issues, share your religion in relevant topics and comment in line with your religion: you're doing no one a service starting topic after topic about prayer and belief within your own personal religion... (and in the wrong section, since this is bound to turn into "Debate and Discussion" material).

    Please consider that it's entirely likely that more than half of this forum is not Christian (including atheists, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Agnostics, Wiccians, Satanists and whatever else): topics should not automatically exclude them or seek to change them.


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