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Thread: how do u noe u r in love

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    how do u noe u r in love

    how do u noe u r in love ppl say there r signs to noe if u r in love wit some1 i'm always thinkin about food does dat mean am in love wit ma food??? so wat r da signs of being in love

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    Re: how do u noe u r in love

    YOu do have to remember that being inlove is different with being in love with the idea of being inlove. you know you love the person when
    you accept the person no matter what.
    you both bring out the best in each other not put the best foot forward, it's a natural instinct i guess that makes you a better person. the small things that irritate you seem trivial because you both work on it and
    you enjoy being together but accept the fact that you both have separate lives aside from the one you both have as a couple.
    you smile because the thought of the person makes you glad you met him/her.

    those are just general i guess. but that is just me plus my poems sound better because it inspires me. and the other person inspires me to strive the best that i can be.
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    Re: how do u noe u r in love

    if ur in love with someone:
    u love them for being who they are and nothing else
    u enjoy ur time with them
    have seperate lives as well as one together
    u don't break up on simple conflics
    u know eachother well
    u loyal to them just as they r loyal to u
    love is a two way contract a feeling that cannot be put into is different when u feel it u will know what it's like

    but member
    love is a dubble sided dagger in whitch both sides are sharpened
    if love is not equal on both sides of the dagger the side which is enriched with the most love will fall
    and as the dagger stabs through ur heart it will break it

    so try and make sure that ur love isn't one sided true love contains two sides

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    Re: how do u noe u r in love

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    We already have a persistent 'sticky' thread on the subject located here...

    The Offical AO Love Thread

    Duplicate thread topic... Closing...
    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
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