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Thread: How do you deal with fear?

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    Re: How do you deal with fear?

    Well I guess that I am like you Divine, I go straight into a fighting pose when I am frightened, but like I said in another thread fear is my fear. but I don't grab anything that is around or on my person. I jump into a fighting pose with both hands ready.

    Actually I have done this a number of times, since I was about 8-9, I get frightened and then, yup you guessed it.

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    Re: How do you deal with fear?

    I tend just to hit the thing that is trying to scare me. I tense up really bad sometimes and i really hate being scared.

    But as far as having other fear in things other then being scared, like confrontation with others....I really don't handle it too well. I tend to be a pass over which I REALLY wish i was different. I am working on it but when it comes to confratation one of the things that I do to calm myself is curl my toes in my shoes really tight, that why no one see me tense.

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    Re: How do you deal with fear?

    This is a little weird but i cruse at my fear cause i am afaid of the dark::long story:: will its more about my inmagnation so if i her something moveing in the dark i yell at it and cruse at it cause my mind makes me think of the worst things that the noise could be.

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    Re: How do you deal with fear?

    In minnesota here we have vally fair! And on a ride called the "wild thing" It goes up really high! All i do is hold my breath and i feel better!
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: How do you deal with fear?

    How do you deal with fear? What is your reaction when you are startled? Everyone reacts differently to the same impulse, after all.

    For example, my roommate and I were walking home yesterday when one of our friends leapt out and grabbed us in the dark. My roommate screamed like a banshee. I went into a fighting position with the sharpest object within reach (my keys) in hand. Same stimulus, different reactions.

    How do you respond?
    Banshee scream.. <O_O>lll

    My respond:
    Baa~ I'm not afraid to hurt (or even kill) people who tries to harm me.
    Well --- Simply because I don't see a logic in going easy on people who wants to harm another. By all means --- I'll fight.

    So if I were to be in a situation... I would get surprised and frightened at first. Then I'll slowly analyze my surroundings, take whatever that can be use as a weapon.. and then execute whatever is necessary. (slap my friends if they were to cry and make a helluva lot of noise) <T_T>

    I had encounter this kinda of situations before. So yea... I'll try to stay calm. <-__->

    But if it were to be a different situation like --- fear in terms of mentality and spiritually ...
    Then that's different[?] <.__.>
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    Re: How do you deal with fear?

    *closes ears* ouch aya... @.@

    my my.. thats scary.. *gulps*

    Well... if i come to my fear... i will usually tell my mind to face it..and its nothing biggie... i can do this... and stuff...but usually i chickened out XD jk

    Well push my self as hard as i could is my way of handling fear... but i never conquered any yet..

    *this is mentality* PS: i look brave on the outside

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    Re: How do you deal with fear?

    There was a time that I couldn' b startled, but that was 'fore my cancer. Now I 'bout jump out of my skin, but I still do what I've always done... Face my fears. My sis's fiance made the mistake of tryin' ta startle me once and if it weren' for my seein' him in my peripheral vision I would have probably hit him. I'm usually ready ta act when I'm startled, always on instinct. That's why I don' like ta b startled.

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    Re: How do you deal with fear?

    well, if it's someone i know (i.e. Soshi bursting from the closet) i just scream cuz i'm familiar with him...

    since a real life danger situation hasn't come up yet... i can assume what i would do...

    there would be lots of sreaming (both "get off me" and "**** **** **** SOMEONE HELP ME"), flailing of arms and kicking of nuts... i never fight with a clear mind, just me guns blazing... so, i think that'd be as accurate as i can get...

    as for fears in general, there's lots of shaking and nervousness and having to go to the bathroom real bad... but besides that, i step up and do my best... i have to be the voice and the voice must speak!

    ^_^ just as a side note, i'm not that brave, but i talk big. to me, since i'm not tough, it's best for me to act like it so they don't get close. it's like a puppy who barks at a big dog or a stranger, but he's still pissing himself... ^_^

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