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Thread: How do you forget someone?

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    Re: How do you forget someone?

    i think the whole thing is not to forget someone or something but let them be part of you past. and when you look back on your past you can smile but with greif.

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    Re: How do you forget someone?

    Quote Originally Posted by pink_hana View Post
    How do you deal with a broken heart??
    How do you erase his/her existence in your lonely hearts??
    the way I delt with a torn heart was by talking to a really close friend of my at the time. Being able to just talking about normal things and not about him really helped. Solking was there when I needed him to be there. Although I didn't talk about the situation much, just knowing some one was there to talk to really helped. It wasn't only solking but my other friends whom I am close to was there for me too and I really found out who my true friends where.

    The only way to remove someone from your heart is to move on and find your true love. Dwelling on it, will only make it worse and you may then become ill. Just try not to think about what happened but think to your self "its their loose, I don't need them". Just thinking positive will help a great deal.
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    Re: How do you forget someone?

    Let me answer this generally.

    As I believe that we all get to know people and experience things for a reason... I typically do not forget anyone if what transpired between us is more than a silly... small-talk fling. Even then.. I might reminisce about that someone depending upon the extent of the "jolt" invested in that brief encounter. Well yes, I cannot spontaneously recall all the people I have met and befriended when I was young, but I think the memories of them are still there, just dormant and murky (not everything though). Given the appropriate stimulus, lost memories might yet again infiltrate the mind, I would suppose.

    Thusly, I forget not (I try at least), rather I grow indifferent to whatever and/or whoever I am attempting to depart away from.

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    Re: How do you forget someone?

    I have to say its very hard because, i like to remember people for therest of my life even if they tear me apart. I guess if myheart wantsme to it'll make me forget them lil by lil.
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    Re: How do you forget someone?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom2Ace View Post
    i dont think you can heal a broken heart but you can always find a new say if it was a girlfriend then you can always find a new one then you are most likely to forgot the last one
    i wouldn't agree with the last statement you said... forgetting someone since you already have a new one will only mean one thing... it never was that important in the first place... both the person an the times you've spent together...

    that's just too sad if that actually happens...

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoods View Post
    I make sure I learn something from every person I want to forget. My last relationship was a large disaster that I've learned so much from its ridiculous. Its really hard to get someone off your mind for awhile. The harder you try the longer they stay there.
    this sounds all too familiar to me... haha... yup... it is harder to forget once you force yourself to forget it... since you're constantly aware of what you are trying to forget in the off chance that you woll forget it...

    ironic isn't it?
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