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violence beget violence... just be aware of the possible outcome of packing heat. will it ever replace what was lost or the feelings that lost gave you? Will you have enough bullets to stop a whole gang or will it start a war, where the gangs will just get more aggressive and the inocent will get more harrassed and harmed?sure they are the scum of the earth and all but do we have to lower ourselfs to that level where we all have to carry guns and look over our shoulders? Can you honestly say you could look at someone and pull that trigger, on the assumption that they will attack you...and what if your wrong...can you live with that choice?
I'm not a twitchy and paranoid guy.

The sidearm would mostly be just for show when someone was trying to attach you and you had to threaten and back them off.

I would only actually fire the gun if my life was in danger and there was no other option. And even then, I wouldn't try to kill them. I would shoot them in a non-fatal spot, like the leg.

You're absolutely right, violence only begets violence, but its only human nature to want to survive, even if it means damaging someone else.

I'm 16, therefore; I am not allowed to carry a sidearm.

I'm just talking about keeping one when I am 18, merely for safety purposes.