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Thread: How do you live your life?

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    Re: How do you live your life?

    I live life with a certain level of anxiety that I calm with music or tea. I don't go to school or work 9-5 since stress triggers my wrath. So I get worked up with trying to understand life and where we all are heading: Obesity, global warming, the sex/slave trade, poverty, hunger and weapons of mass destruction. I am hoping the stimulus bill helps everyone but it takes a global effort to get out of the recession. Nobody wants to get taxed more. People need jobs. The educational system needs to be more cosmopolitan to compete on an international level. I'm all for foreign exchange student programs. Life is the best teacher. I want to see a Laker game and maybe buy property in Vegas. Right now I'm mad at my online store since it won't upload my new artwork.. it says I have to wait 24 hrs. Grrr. So now I just clean the house, enter contests online and save for a rainy day. I made some investment mistakes and lost some money. Now I watch Oprah and Suze Orman since they usually have some practical ideas I could integrate. My epiphany is opportunity only comes to those who look for it. People get breaks and get lucky because they expect it and could do some pretty hot wire acts to get it. I know where to get free stuff, free money, coupons for 50% off. It's not how much you have but where you shop. I like to barter my stuff at barter sites online. Go for sales items. (I like the game "Monopoly". I could own a hotel in Tokyo and a house in Paris and charge it on my credit card. ) I subscribe to netflix and also see free anime in crunchyroll or anilinkz dot com. Right now I'm following skipbeat. (Very funny)

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    Re: How do you live your life?

    The way I live my life currently is in transition.

    And while my home remains stable. And I don't have to transition physically from place to place. I am transitioning psychologically. And in a rather possitive direction. Realizing that success (and failure) are a direct result of ones frame of mind. TO think happy and healthy thoughts. And to really appreciate the world around you. Is how you become successful. To become careless, and to get swarmed up in lifes challenges, viewing them as "problems".... That mind set is what produces failure.

    So to answer the question... As of late I have been living my life desperately grasping on to all of life's beauty. To all that I am happy and grateful for. And yes, this is REALLY hard to do sometimes. (I'm still a beginner) But I firmly believe with this attitude I will surely manifest success.
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    Re: How do you live your life?

    I think I live a random life.
    I can't be in a routine it gets boring. I love to experiment new things everyday. Also I like adventure things that get my adrenaline going ^^

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    Re: How do you live your life?

    I live.

    My life's not exactly poetry in motion, but it definitely is in motion - and can be put into a poem... or some stylish jig. I don't exactly live for success. I don't exactly live for some reward. I don't exactly live for pleasures. I don't exactly live to experience. I don't exactly live for wants or needs. And I don't live just to live.
    I don't have an ultimate goal. Nor will I ever.

    I will place goals in my life and strive for them, but that's not what I live for.
    In all honesty, I could die right now and I'd be fine with it.
    I often find killing one's self rather casual with how happy I am right now.
    I'm not afraid of life after death. I'm not afraid of nothingness after death.
    Though I am quite afraid of physical pain.

    However, I do live for a reason. Abu... well, it's kind of odd to say I live for Abu Dhabi. Since I've never been there myself.
    I'll just say "M". >:-( Cuz that's as close most of you are ever gonna' get to know her! ^_^ 'xcept for a few of yuz.

    So yeah. I live for "M".
    ^_^ She's... how can I say?
    ... worldly.
    She's very connected to the physical. She loves physical things, and physical beings. She can't really imagine a life after this despite the fact she believes in it.
    She's afraid of the unknown. Afraid of being temporary.
    And for that, she's really scared to die. She wants to do so much while she's alive. Marriage, family, all that sort.

    So I stand by her. I always want to be with her. I'd never want to leave her.
    I'd say I need her, but all I can truly claim is that I yearn for her. My will wants her so much.
    I really can live without her, but it won't be... life.

    Everything became fulfilled the moment I met her, and that hasn't changed at all through all these years together. My goals in life were rather complex before her, but then all of it went away when we were together... it felt like I understood everything, everything was simplified from that moment on.

    Because of her I live the way I do now.
    I live as a human. With happiness, with regrets, with emotions, with mistakes, with perfections, with temporary achievements and undeserving gratitude.
    I enjoy talking to others as well as keeping to myself.
    But that's just as a human.

    If there's life after this, and I can say there are, then I'll be what I become.
    I may be human now, I may live in this time for now, I may live in these physical rules and shackles for now - and I'm happy with it.
    I don't find it too much of a hassle, though I do find some people a hassle.

    You could say I live my life revolving around "M".
    What I eat, when I sleep, what I play, what I work, I revolve these plans around her. ...to make her more comfortable and more at ease. Because when she's at ease, we work and live together perfectly. We're no opposites, we're pieces that attach perfectly.
    I live for her, she lives for me, and we live as one.

    ^__^ Of course life's always complicated and the way I make it sound makes it sound like a beautiful clock. But it ain't. Life's this way because we made it this way. Don't blame life, blame yourselves.

    I live.
    I live with another.
    We live.

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    Re: How do you live your life?

    I like a simple life, I don't need to get an excitement all the time, just to enjoy life as it is given to you is enough. Just every day enjoy the simple things, your work which makes you proud, your good food, and your loving family. It's all you need, why have anything else? A well-done day's hard work and a great family to welcome you, it's the best reward life can give. Every day is a new gift.

    Right now I have a great job, I'm going to beginning school, I have great flat, and I have beautiful wife and two amazing children. I get up, go to my work, come home, eat a delicious food, play with my kids, maybe I visit AO, maybe I watch television, and then goes to sleep. It cannot be better than this, life is perfect rhythm now. How anybody can want more?

    Hello from DPRK!

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    Re: How do you live your life?


    I personally like to try something new everyday. Unfortunately, I do the same things over and over again. I'd like to change it... But life can be more interesting if you do the same thing. You can never predict if something fun will happen. lol I'd like the way things are now. But maybe in college it'll be different. I'm looking forward to it. This is confusing. lol.

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    Re: How do you live your life?

    I tend to live a fairly... Dull life sometimes, as much as I hate a routined life I usually find myself somewhat 'forced' to live my life by a certain, unchanging pattern day in day out. Be it sleeping, gaming, going to school that any little change to it becomes the next big thing to me sometimes. Like if I was to go out to have a few drinks with friends, i'd probably treat it as more exciting than it actually is, or maybe just hanging out etc.

    Heck even a phone call puts a smile on my face (admittedly I rarely get phone calls xD)

    Though I do spend a great deal of time alone so I often wind up thinking to myself about all the other fun things I wish I could do, or just generally trying to sort out my own problems etc.

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    Re: How do you live your life?

    I try to live my life with one step at a time. but lately i have taken alot of steps and it has moved my life of course and because of it i have found many paths that i am taking. but i love my life with the flow i let it go in anyway. i try to take control of my life if i can and when i do i try to make it worthwhile. my life has taken some unexpected turns and now im on a new path of life that was much better now im gonna follow this road to the end because so far it has been good to me.
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