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Thread: how many of you want to change this world?

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    Re: how many of you want to change this world?

    well , i d'like to change the world .. people start to use tricks and lies on the cost of other people lives .... there is no trust , well i am talking about what is happening in this world or the view i can see of this world , people killed because of greed of people who doesn't care about those people lives that they kill they just care about a piece of paper and some of ink on it , i know that we need money so we can live in this hard world but not to get it from killing and bad thins to do ... i wish i can help to make this world better and i wish i can feel the meaning of trust .... =^_^=
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    Re: how many of you want to change this world?

    Well there are many things that I would like to change
    like the ceaseless fighting, racism, and other stuff.
    But also changing eveything that's considered bad would make this world extreamly boring.
    It would also be almost impossible to do.
    But the thing I would change the most is war...-__-
    It causes to much conflict and death, most of the time over nothing.
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    Re: how many of you want to change this world?

    nope i dont want to if u did u'd be taking away peoples free will. and not only that......but we need crime and poverty..., if not the world would be wayyy over populated
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    Re: how many of you want to change this world?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zev View Post
    I don't want to change the whole world, maybe just some things in my world.
    Preach Ol' faith~ Preach.

    Does this person right here speak truth or what? For me? I don't want to change the world, it's already changing it's self. Im just here for the ride Dear Sir.
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    Re: how many of you want to change this world?

    On e thing i would love to change is the fact that it is way to hard for forgotten and abused kids to really get the help that they need. I would love to actually have my stupid case once and for all closed but the stupid adults(no offense) wont listen to me...

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    Re: how many of you want to change this world?

    I watched "How William Shatner Changed the World". Because of his success in the Star Trek show, inventors made the cell phone, holography rooms, stun guns and want to communicate with aliens.

    The Star Trek movement is inspired to make Gene Roddenbury's vision come to life. A world with no sexism, racism or poverty or hunger and we can be free to travel to the stars. I'd like to see a teleporter beam and travel to the moon before I die.

    I liked that the crew saved the whales and replaced boredom with increased focus on the problem at hand. How do we evolve as humans to conquer outer space?

    Change is basically slow evolution and things change to fit the times. The future is now. Things change whether we like it or not. It can be as glorious as Star Trek... or as nightmarish as Terminator.

    We must increase our brains to deal with new technology. Have first contact with aliens to share their inventions with us. Support shows that are politically correct. Spiritually evolve through science, new age and environmentalism and listen to our hearts what must be done for progeny.

    Kids are the future. Let them grow and pick up the mess as well as the blessings of their ancestors. They will lead the way and perhaps grow further than their ancestors ever could.

    Each generation brings it own blessings as well curses. The world will have to definitely go green, change politics as usual, live long and prosper.

    The rest is up to a higher power. As above so below. Peace.

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    Re: how many of you want to change this world?

    yes I want the world to change but i am not sure another entity could do a better job. i am also not sure what the alternatives to many of societies stables would be. in teh novel A Brave New World peace is achieved in society by taking out religion family and art. not quite sure i am ready for that.

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    Re: how many of you want to change this world?

    i want to change the but there is too many things in the world that have to be change. so i say lets start over and make sure nothing goes a stray, but if i can't do that then i would try to fine the one thing to stop the madness in this world and that's to get rid of the money because money controls all. so if theirs no money no one will be under the control by any one

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