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Thread: how would you describe life?

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    Re: how would you describe life?

    do you want to know how i would describe life? i would descibe it as a way to make friends with everyone you can in your life a stick with them to the very end.

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    Re: how would you describe life?

    Life in my view is simply an individual timed test for everyone in the world ... and i hope to pass that test with a success ...
    Life and Death are always one and the same

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    Re: how would you describe life?

    Life... Life is a journey... Life is a test (as some before, Sprout and Lich, for example, have said)... Life is a chance to prove yourself and to see if you can leave a visible mark on that huge canvas called history...

    You can say that life is just- you are born, you live and you die. But, if it really is like that with you, then it's only your fault, because there's so much more to life, and you only have to take a more careful look around- you love, you care, you fight, you cry, you laugh, have fun, relax, dream, achieve your dreams, learn and so on.. those all seem like very beautiful things to me, yes, even crying... Life is wonderful and we just have to know how to enjoy it, though sometimes it can be VERY hard...

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    Re: how would you describe life?

    Since i was happy when i started this thread my view on life was like sweet and cute like a child's view but my true opinon on this matter is that life is something we have to do and our real life starts after our death. we are just put on here to learn and when you have complete a good life we pass on and put everything we learn to the test. also before we die we have to pass the information on the children.

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    Re: how would you describe life?

    I myself dont know what life is exactly. In my opinion its just a series of events that occasionally intertwine. Also for some people life maybe nothing but hardships and others a ride on the gravy train with biscuit wheels, pardon the southern colloquialism. It is in my opinion that these hardships are tests that develop peoples character and tell what type a person someone is. Some may give up and take the easy way out while others persevere and become strong people. When it comes to love and companionship, these are things that make life better and worse at the same time depending on how people make it happen. love can be wonderous yet a love for another person can also drive someone crazy, but yet again this is just one of those aforementioned obstacles that are put up in front of us to figure out and solve in our own way.

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