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Thread: How was your first date?

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    How was your first date?

    Ok, Well I believe the title says it all ^^. Ok I will add something to it as well if you haven't had a first date what would you do to make a perfect first date?

    ok I will go first ^^ (well since it's my post XD) I never had my first date due to the fact of my folks being over protected ^^ I don't mind either ^^. Ok for my first date I want it to be simple and cute. A movie and dinner. Nothing special like a pinic under the stars or a romantic walk on the beach. I think those dates should happen later on in the relationship.

    ok so my questions are:
    -How was your first date? Explain.
    -If you hadn't been on your first date tell what you would like to do. and Explain as well.

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    Smile Re: How was your first date?

    ok, sooo... i dont know what my first date was because ... well, they where kinda less than dates. if you consider dinner and a movies a date then my first serious girlfriend made me a home cooked meal and we watched movies cuddling on her couch. but the first date i went on ( in the sense of going out on the town) would be with my second serious girlfriend chrissy(christina) and we went to olive garden and a movie and afterwards we went to the beach and watched the sunset. well... she watched the sunset... i just held her and fantisized about her. the date that stands out the most in my mind though is when i went on my first date with a girl i was dateing named cindy. she and i went to dinner at olive garden and had some wine(i was still only 19 then so yea.. kinda illegal for me but its all good) and a great meal and then we went out to a movie at the tinsletown movie theater in el paso TX. after that we went back to our barracks and i slept in her room that night. it was nice. not sexual or anything just nice. of course... then she decided to stab me in the back and cheat on me a couple months later.... still kinda bitter about it but i've forgiven her. that was a horrible feeling though. especially after i took her out for her birthday to the russian nutcracker and dinner and gave her a deep tissue back massauge and let her sleep by herself that night.( she was big into ballet and yea... kinda pissed me off because i payed $150 for each ticket and didnt even get a thank you at the end of the night let alone a kiss or anything. it sucked apricots!)

    even though i've been on my first date already i still consider each time i bring a girl out for the first time to be a first date so i'm gonna make it a winner with jacque. it's going to be perfect.
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    Re: How was your first date?

    my first date??? Well, I was 14 when that happened, and I do have to say it was very enjoyable! He took me to eat then to a movie! Though, it was a LITTLE akward cause his and my friends were following us...they were so curiouse! But at the end of the date, we lost my friends and he dropped me off at my house. It was one event that I could do over and over again! ^^

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    Re: How was your first date?

    There was nothing special about my first date....
    Me and him have been very good friends for a while and we just got closer and closer and decided to go out....as simple as that.......would I have wanted something more romantic........maybe...but I was not even looking for one since I was only 16 and I knew that I was not ready to start a relationship with a guy....we went to a concert..and had fun just screaming our heads off...lol

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    Re: How was your first date?

    it was a movee with a bunch of my friends,
    and his. it was like a triple dates. it was
    akward and funni
    id do it again if i had to.
    but like my 1st serious date alone
    was he took me to a moveee bought us pop
    corn and then we sunk in aand saw another
    movee. then he took me home
    -goood times-
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    Re: How was your first date?

    Well it was a long time ago. I was in like 1st. Me and my 'boyfriend' were in the school yard and he said "this is our first date." and handed me a cookie. It was so cute now that i think about it

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    Re: How was your first date?

    My first date was something that I will never forget. My dad told me that he had to meet the guy before I could go out. So I agreed and told him. Well when he came over my dad just happened to be cleaning his Muzzle Loader. For those of you who don't know what that is it's a gun. Well as my date was walking in the door he raised the gun barrel that he had just cleaned up at him. My dates face turned ghost white. I could of killed my dad for that. All my dad said to him was hi and that I needed to be home before midnight. Needless to say I was home by ten that night and didn't really see that guy again.

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    Re: How was your first date?

    My first date sucked.... My friends complained that I was the only one in our trio to never have a boyfriend and decided to try and change that. They introduced me to a friend that went to their school since mine's at the time was an all girls. On the day that we decided to meet, he showed up three hours late and then tried to hook up with another friend that we had brought with us. All I wanted was to go home... I seriously thought there was something wrong with me and never wanted to go out again. lol

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