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Thread: I demand an apology!

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    Re: I demand an apology!

    Quote Originally Posted by NevesElocin View Post
    Lol. I'm not demanding an apology but I do wanna know how you apologize. I read this article yesterday and got curious.

    Do you agree or disagree with the above article. The last sentence is what strikes me most. You shouldn't have to demand it and expect something in return. Then its not really true. So what do you guys think?
    Wow that article is cool and yes I do agree with the last sentence.
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    Re: I demand an apology!

    my parents always made my sister and brother say they where sorry, and I never really thought it was a good way to do it.

    A forced apology is hogwash, and should be taken as such.

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    Re: I demand an apology!

    I agree with the article specially when it states a that an apology is a gift without expecting anything in return.
    Forced apology... that's not something I agree with.
    Even with little kids, yes it is very important to teach them that apologizing for something they did to hurt someone is necessary... but to force them is not the right thing to do... it is a lot better if the parents give the example so they can learn from it when and how to apologize.
    It is very hard to apologize though because (even the article didn't state this directly) it is a self-humiliation action. It is admitting "yes I was wrong". It is offering oneself to the other... a sort of sacrifice... t is not only an "I am sorry"
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    Re: I demand an apology!

    hummm , well i don't need a steps to make my apology .. apology come from the soul if i made a mistake or i said things that hurt the one i am talking with ( XD which i don't do ) i should apology because inside my soul telling me that i should apology even that someone deserve what i told him/her ....
    apology something very important in ourselves , there is apology in all of our lives and for all kind of situation , hitting someone by wrong or being wrong in something and these things and like what Neo-Kun said apology is an Art ^.^ .... =^_^=
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    Re: I demand an apology!

    I absolutely hate it when adults tell children to apologize.
    If they don't mean it, the situation is not solved.
    And that applies for everyone. There have been times where I haven't apologized to people for years or never because I knew in my heart I wouldn't mean it.

    In my eyes, this is a great guidline is you mean it truely. And another thing is that it definitely should be fit for the situation.

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