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Thread: I feel your pain-

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    Re: I feel your pain-

    You should probably post this in the paranormal activity thread, it sounds so weird.
    Yes I second that ^^

    I sometimes feel other peoples pain. The main one being when someone gets hurt and I wince. Specially when someone gets hit in the nuts......*sigh* I do not want to talk about it haha

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    Re: I feel your pain-

    Quote Originally Posted by jaderabbit View Post
    I watched a special the other night on tv, that said mirror neurons in our brains help us feel other peoples pain, whether we are watching it on tv, or in real life, if someone gets hurt our brain tells our body, that we are getting hurt as well, thats the reason people tense up when they see someone else get hurt.

    The question is, when have u felt someone else's pain before?

    For me the first time i remember feeling someone elses pain is when i seen a kid in school when i was younger, get punched in the face i was all like tense an was like oooo damn that looks like it hurt lol.
    i agree with that in a sense, only in that you have a reaction to what you see. each person reacts differently , usually with me if i see someone fighting or even watching UFC on tv i dont get tense but my adrenaline goes through the roof and make me wanna fight too. lol not that i like to fight or want to fight but it just happens.

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    Re: I feel your pain-

    I feel pain when it brings back memories of my own pain. Now I feel pain looking at my dad who suffered two major strokes. He seems so helpless not having control of his body and had lost the ability to speak. It hurts to look at him the way he looks now.

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