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Thread: I got a new camera lens! (and photo!)

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    I got a new camera lens! (and photo!)

    I bought a new camera lens for my camera! It's a Sigma 50-500mm EX (APO DG), and it's for my Pentax *ist D. I got it a couple days ago but only recently got to use it.

    So I was out driving the other day and saw what looked like a female robin or a dove with weird coloring, (it was about the size of a robin), so I aimed the lens and snapped a shot, and this is what I got.

    It's called a Kestrel, and this is the first time I've ever seen one.

    Well hope you enjoyed, I'll get some more photos together soon!

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    Re: I got a new camera lens! (and photo!)

    Nice shot. So your camera is digital or film? I have a Canon EOS Rebel that I use for taking close-up pictures at work.

    Just a note, for your next images dont forget to put them in the gallery and not in a thread like this one...

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