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Thread: I had another "rather interesting" dream

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    I had another "rather interesting" dream

    And, boy was this one "rather interesting". The earliest part I remember I was checking out high school sports teams. On one team they were throwing around volleyballs. I think they might have been playing European handball. On the other they were hitting volleyballs with hockey sticks. This one guy came out of obscurity to become a sports champion and get a girlfriend; he was nicknamed the LOL Boy, LOL Guy, Or LOL Kid - I'm not quite sure I remember why.

    The next part of the dream I was telling a story to some fat kid. Reptilian-amphibian aliens were invading the Earth disguised as humans. The males were called Gorkons and the females were called Gorons. One of the humans that was impersonated by a goron was Penny Proud from The Proud Family, who was in a basketball tournament where they used volleyballs instead of basketballs. Meanwhile, the real Penny Proud had sex with a boy in the basketball tournament and was caught by her dad. Later, the boy was killed by a goron disguised as a fat woman.

    The death of the boy was announced but was covered up as an accident. Afterwards, on either a base on the reptilian-amphibian alien planet, which was rather small and black (perhaps covered in black fungus by the looks of it) and in our solar system but hidden by hologram technology, or a ship headed for the reptilian-amphibian alien planet, the death of the boy was announced but was credited to the goron disguised as a fat woman. But somehow, Penny Proud and her dad had gotten aboard...what ever it was, and she was determined to prove that the boy she had sex with was killed by an alien.

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    Re: I had another "rather interesting" dream

    And my dream last night was about being banned from Wikipedia.. Even in your sleep your creativity destroys mine..

    Italian Tears

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