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Thread: Idiots at school

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    Idiots at school

    Schools always seems to have there share of...bitches. I have experience many at each of my schools, even at my elementary schools. Bitches may be backstabbers, jealous girls who always spread rumors or that one girl who always gives you a dirty look across the room. This stupidity is just something that many people have to deal with, even the popular ones. If you are unnatractive, people may bring up all your bad qualities to make you feel bad and...put all eyes on you and not their bad qualities. If you are attractive and many boys have had crushes on you throughout the years jealous girls will spread rumors to make you seem less attractive. Jealously is so stupid...I am sick of dirty looks, rumors, and all the stupid events that happen in middle school. I am in 8th grade and get a lot of dirty looks from 7th graders, it is more annoying than offensive. Most of the 7th grade girls think they are all that. I have no idea why because none of them are all that and nobody else in the whole wide world is anyway. They get laughs out of putting someone down and making them so pissed off that they start yelling and cussing at them. I have never done that because I know that all they want is a reaction. That almost seems to their only get a good ol' reaction. I really wish they would just get over themselves...and just be like 'you know, being bitch doesn't help with anyone...not even me.'

    bitches at school
    middle school rumors
    dirty looks
    fights between guys or girls
    what to do when someone is doing things such as rumors

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    Re: Idiots at school

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