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Thread: if you die in 7 days

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    Re: if you die in 7 days

    I would Make amends with every one who i have not been "nice" to and i would spend my seven day having the most fun of my life
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    Re: if you die in 7 days

    Quote Originally Posted by dark angel swordsman View Post
    Kill myself the first day I found out. That way I'd not have to suffer the emotional stress that I'm going to die and neither will my loved ones. It also means I'm screwing fate over, which is fun as hell. Unless of course, fate already knew this and made it so that I would actually kill myself after one day...hm...ah well. That's my answer. enough said.
    AGREED!!! There is not much you can really do because you would be too busy worying, OMG. HOW AM I GONNA DIE. I MUST KNOW. then you would kill yourself just to end the suspense.
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