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Thread: If You Hadn't Been Born!

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    Re: If You Hadn't Been Born!

    I don’t want to be an emotion person but that‘s true ….If I didn’t born I will not have a sickness now live with it because I am the first person in my family then my brother so To Be selfish if I didn’t be the first one I wouldn’t have the sickness and my brother have it …so that not big deal with me now…I born and I am youngest now so no nothing will change..

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    Re: If You Hadn't Been Born!

    well, one of my friend wouldent meet another friend or mine and woulden't get each other email, for that I am sure. but how much change could happen if one person was not been born, I alway wonder what would happen. But Im fine been born, yeah life is a little hard but fine
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    Re: If You Hadn't Been Born!

    Hmmm. Now that's an interesting question.
    I'm glad that I was born in this world.
    If I haven't been born here, people, who I know and who know me, would have been depressed and wouldn't know how to have fun. O.O.
    And if I want to change anything... it would be nothing. I'm glad how my life is.
    I don't want to change anything.

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    Re: If You Hadn't Been Born!

    hmmm if i havent born ..my family and friends would have missed out on a really cool ,sweet ,nice,lovingling ,cute,girl (ME!!) ^.^..lol
    no actually i cant define that..i wish i could see how life and the life of ppl i know around me, will be without know ing me ..i think it would make thier life easier..im a complicated person..lol

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    Re: If You Hadn't Been Born!

    Mine is a little sad. If I hadn't been born my mother would have probably lived a lot longer. My dad would be alive and happy too. I wouldn't have ruined the lives of various people and they would have lived out their lives wishing they had never met me. I think that most people would be better off without my constant prescence and persistent annoyance.

    But then again I've touched a few peoples lives who have changed for the better. Apparently I'm good at relieving the stress of a few people and they say that some of the things they've went through that they couldn't have done it without me there supporting them.

    So I guess its a double edged sword that I was born. I've helped a few. Hurt a lot. Its up to other people to decide whether I truly have a good place in the world.

    Our love will go on until the end of time. I will always be yours and you will be mine.

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    Re: If You Hadn't Been Born!

    When I was on my 16s and 17s I wished so many times to not have been born... I thought my family would be better off without me... but as the time came by I realize that if I hadn't been born my mom wouldn't have the support she can find in me... sometimes :P. my sis would have been really lonely in a household where there would be only guys... All my friends... I wouldn't have the priviledge of knowing... and of course I wouldn't have the blessing of having the boyfriend that I have now... so, I really don't regret been alive... I believe everyone gets to this earth on the perfect timing, everyone has something to do in the cycle of life.
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    Re: If You Hadn't Been Born!

    If I hadn't been born I would have missed out on the movie starring James Stewart "It's a wonderful life".

    People are born to learn. When my relationships were lousy I wished I never was born and went on to say that it wasn't my choice to be born.

    I had been born so I help out my family with chores and paying utility bills. If I hadn't been born then my family would have to work more to pay those bills and lose someone who is a good listener. My mother would miss out on a daughter who is also a friend, my baby brother wouldn't have enjoyed my sense of humour. I wouldn't be there to referee arguments between friends and the world would never see a Desiree original artwork.

    I thank God for being born and blessing me with a wonderful life despite the problems that come with it. I'm learning to improve my relations and will enjoy Halloween as Indiana Jones and see problems as opportunities to learn.

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    Re: If You Hadn't Been Born!

    Sure, I feel miserable sometimes (who hasn't?), but I think I would rather have been born, lived a crap-tastic life, then died, then to not have lived at all.
    If I hadn't been born, I would never have learned to draw anime... D:
    I actually wouldnt have learned anything about anime AT ALL (or anything else for that matter)

    Now thats scary -.-

    Anyways, what if I hadn't been born? Well nothing bad really- dad would probably be in jail still, but he's an asshole anyways. The world would go on...ect...ect.

    "Look man, one of us is going to have to tackle you, and it's going to be very uncomfaturable... for everyone invovled!"

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