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Thread: If You Hadn't Been Born!

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    Cool Re: If You Hadn't Been Born!

    To be honest if you were never born, you would have no idea what the world would be like. If you don't exist then you'll never know. Only by existing do we ask these types of questions.....sometimes it makes my head hurt.

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    Re: If You Hadn't Been Born!

    mmmm well i have thinked of that and not becasue i don't like my life i just sometimes think that if i hadn't born , sometimes i wish if i born in other countey not in this one , and other thinks like this X3 well it is nothing , but i am now very happy with my life and and i am happy that i was born , sometimes i think that if i were not born what will make that a different in my family life and friends , i never find the answer for that ?_? ... =^_^=
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    Re: If You Hadn't Been Born!

    if i hadnt been born... my twin ssiter wouldnt have been born.... umm. i guess i couldnt do tht MUCH to make this a world a better place.. everyone plays a great and important par tin this world. we ALL make it a differen (good or bad) place to live in. One person can surely make a difference. So this world would have been different if i wasnt born

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