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Thread: im lonely

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    Re: im lonely

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    To quote the Forum Rules...
    Please use your blogs for information of a personal nature. The forums should only be used for discussions.

    We welcome vibrant and educated discussions. However, we advise personal discussions are kept off our regular forums. Any talk of a personal nature should be taken to private PMs or to external services like MSN Chat, Yahoo Messenger, Skype and so forth.
    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
    Rantings of a Grouchy Old Anime Otaku

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    Re: im lonely

    Quote Originally Posted by Akura13 View Post
    uhhh this thread will be easily closed because their is no discussion in it so very sorry keep to PM's.....u can PM me and i'll be glad to!^^
    Quote Originally Posted by Little negi sensei View Post
    I'll talk to you and im pretty good at chering people up.Pm me if you wanna talk.And i do imagen by tomarrow this thread will be closed.Sry.
    Quote Originally Posted by KuwiRules145 View Post
    Awwww...... poor you!!! Really! Someone help her!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk to anyone really! I know they could cheer you up so GO GO GO YOU!!!!!!!! You can do it!!!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Lasura View Post
    Eeee... this is going too far... someone close this thread?

    We should make one corner for all the bored folk to daydream together maybe...

    See Riku how many people have already offered help? PM them or you can PM me (but I'll answer late), you shouldn't put this stuff in forums, please? Better try joining a conversation here then...
    You, you, you, and you outta know better. We should start giving out infractions for people doing that.

    'Cause you give me something / That makes me scared, alright / This could be nothing / But I'm willing to give it a try / Please give me something
    'Cause someday I might call you from my heart

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