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Thread: Indian Wedding pt. 2

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    Indian Wedding pt. 2

    Thank you for all the lovely help and comments everyone gave me in my last thread, It helped a lot during the preperation and development of the wedding and with it only about three weeks away, it is really narrowing down.
    Small problem though. See, Supreeta never told me that her fiance's relatives were still IN INDIA! She left that out. Funny thing is, she wants ME TO GO TO HER TO INDIA! O_o

    Now, let me rewind for you all. I have a friend who is from India and I was like "I want to go see that building too!" (I was referring to the Thaj Mahal. I could not remember that for my life!) It sounded really cool to go. Yeah, I was not thinking of going so SOON! I want to EVENTUALLY go to India but not NOW! I have school, and its travel, and its so damn HOT. (Although I do want bangles. ^_^)

    To add onto the drama, she wants to leave Feburary the 2nd, so we can come back the 8th and prepare. She might even change her mind on that! She was considering moving the wedding TO INDIA! INDIA!

    Making matters worse, my plane ticket, roundtrip, will be about a good quarter less of a stack! (750 for those who did not follow) and I do not have money to spare like that. PLUS, iwill have to buy new clothes and have spending money because I WANT BANGLES! She offered to pay half, but that still leaves me with over 300 to scrap up in a week and a half!

    What to do?

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    Re: Indian Wedding pt. 2

    It's simple. Don't go.
    You already did a lot to prepare for her wedding, like buying a Sari and choosing songs.
    You don't have to be stressed, because it's understandable that you have school and you cannot afford that kind of money at the moment; and above all, it's her mistake for not informing you properly.

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