This year, while busy studying, I had Basic Psychology as a subject. I found it extremely interesting, this coming from someone who thought it was stupid. But that's besides the point =P

I was wondering,
- What do you consider as intelligent behaviour?
- Do you think intelligence can be measured through test, like IQ tests, for example?
- Do you think you can only be smart if you are intelligent?
- Do you think you are only intelligent if you are smart?

- To me personally, someone acts intelligent if they can distinguish between write and wrong, and if they can adapt to their situations (taking 'right and wrong' into account, of coarse).
- I believe that you can't really measure intelligence since every person might be intelligent in a different way. For example, would you say creative people are not intelligent if they aren't good at, say, exams at school?
- I do think intelligent people tend to be a bit smarter, but
- I don't think that you are only intelligent if you are smart.

I realise my questions aren't asked/constructed very well so, I hope everyone understands what I mean, and am asking. I just want your personal opinion, unless, of coarse, you agree with the formal definitions of intelligence and such, then you can give that as your reason. You don't even have to give an answer point by point either. If you have one answer/paragraph, write it ^^.

Just hope I posted this in the correct forum, though I don't think this will turn into a big debate.