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Thread: The Internet: 50 years from now

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    Re: The Internet: 50 years from now

    Quote Originally Posted by Sazuka View Post
    It will probably be like Ghost in the Shell, where you can directly access the net through implants in your brain.

    Maybe I'll be able to transfer my 70 year old brain into a hot cybernetic body by then.
    Call me when you do

    Implants through brain.. o.o man.. thats like.. a guy be sitting in the park and surfs for porn and nobody would know... o.O

    There's a huge downside to that... brain hacking >.< some of us might be used in the "wrong" way o.o

    Quote Originally Posted by Renn View Post
    I lolz at that!!!

    Let's see, I think there will be some changes, big and small, but I really can't see some BIG,HUGE changes like everyone has said so far. That's just me though. I can't really believe it all that much unless I see it(well with this I do).
    Like albert einstein once quoted...
    Imagination is more important than knowledge
    Imagination can take us far... without it.. there won't be internet...light bulb car or airplane.. if the wright brothers never imagined of flying like a bird.. we wont be sitting comfortably flying over continents in a big "steel bird"

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    Re: The Internet: 50 years from now

    Weird how this thread is made right after I was asked the same question at work a week ago haha!

    Personaly I am all for tech advansment, think how much has come into life in the last 100 some years and the internet is no exseption. If you look back to what was the top in tech in the 60's and 70's you wouldent see much of a big diference. Once computers really started getting more atention people started to get hungry for more and thats when it really picked up.

    Now look at the 80's and 90's the tech in that time frame is greatly diffrent, tapes to CDs, VHS to DVDs and that was huge then and computer going online just made things some much easier people fell in love and opened a ranger of new market and marketing.

    We now have even more tech now with MP3 players replaceing CD players and blue-ray replacing DVDs, old tube tvs are all but gone thanks to LCD tvs and now LED tvs are starting to take over all in less than 5 years.

    Computers are getting more RAM, faster prosessors and some have a tarabit of HDD it just keeps growing and with that groth the internet as well thanks to that and with internet speeds up to 100MBPS giving everyone anything there minds can come up with.

    You ask what will the internet be like in 50 years I would prefer 10 because if you do the math 50 years is too much to ask for.
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