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Thread: JOKE TIME -- it's time to make ourselves laugh

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    JOKE TIME -- it's time to make ourselves laugh

    it's kinda draggy to have to deal with problems and to answer problems all day long... so i guess to lighten up the mood a bit... let's have a joke portion on the cyber lounge... here we can read jokes and share jokes to help make everyones day or at least let people feel a little bit lighter that they were before...

    you may post jokes from your cellphone, from a magazine, from a book, or anywhere... just be sure to site where you got it or a disclaimer that you heard is somewhere and just shared it... it's so that we avoid claims or accusations of plagiarism...

    may i start?

    A few weeks after our office bought expensive handheld organizers for everyone, our director asked an assistant at a staff meeting for the date of an upcoming event. Proudly flipping open her new PDA, she announced the date, and flipped it close again.

    "Are you sure about that?" he said.

    "Of course," she replied

    And with that, she reopened her PDA and handed the director the sticky note she had affixed to the screen with all the upcoming meetings listed on it
    from christopher deraps
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    Re: JOKE TIME -- it's time to make ourselves laugh

    How 'bout not.

    Closing low quality thread on grounds of that it will not bring about proper discussion.

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