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Thread: Legendary creatures

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    Re: Legendary creatures

    Quote Originally Posted by Mini Dev View Post
    actually i don't belive it would be. There has been people in the guiness World Records book of 2008 who have been diaognosed with "WereWolf Syndrome" so werewolves are techinaclly still aorund, just not the same as fantacy makes out to be, so fifty fifty to whether they are actuall yclassed as mythical or "Legendary" in this case.
    Yes, except the Werewolf Syndrome is just growing hair all over your body and that has been around for hundreds of years. The thing is, these people don't grow fangs and claws on a full moon and kill people.

    Plus, legendary creatures are just creatures that have a legend stuck to them. And I'm pretty sure in this respect, Werewolves are legendary.

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    Re: Legendary creatures

    Vampires are also another of my favorite as well as nightmares. I love demonic animals period really. I agree with sazuka werewolves are legendary.

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    Re: Legendary creatures

    Quote Originally Posted by AstralMage01 View Post
    The dragon is one of the most known & popular legendary creatures, whatever there are a lot more mythical creatures such as the griffin,the pheonix,tjhe unicorn,mermaids,minotaurs...
    So which mythical creature do you like most?
    I like the eastern dragon;because the european dragon has wings & it reminds me by the griffen,while the eastern dragon floats freely without wings (that's magical!)[IMG][/IMG]
    well i don't need to explain just look at my user name and it explains everything ..
    well first : I love griffins for some reason that i can't figure out till now ..
    and second : the underworld lichkings who rules the underworld .. nice both are my favorites but i like griffins a little bit more than lichs ..
    but again i like other mythical creatures like : vampires ,phoenixes ,succubuses ,tragodyles ,wraiths ,banshees ,rajas ,pigsis ,dragons and many others ...
    i can say i'm obsessed with mytholgy .. it just captures me ...
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