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Thread: Letting Someone Go

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    Re: Letting Someone Go

    Its not that I remember now being in such a painfull situation, but actually I was... i was so in love (or I tohught i was in love) with my ex that I didnt want to let him go even when I suddenly became so detached I thought: "I want to go home" lieing in his hands in the house i had lived in all my life ¬.¬ The fact that I now dont remember it as so painfull etc. just shows how feelings can change. But yeah... how did I manage to let him go?
    I simply got mad at him, he hurt me so bad I did not have to think twice about whether to forget him, leave him behind. Of course it took some time and a new great man for me to completely get over him though, but in the end it only made me stronger and happier. But yeah... I'd suggest firstly to be mad at him! Think about the bad stuff and only the bad stuff! But stay neutral, don't talk to him, dont look at him... make him feel guilty. Be proud and beautiful and make him understand what he has missed out on. Then just try your best to find happiness in anything else... god, family, friends, other man Last step for me was to forgive him for being such a dumbass and forgive myself for being so foolish and loving him so much.

    Of course my situation seems very different, since ur man doesnt seem to have hit you in the face XD But yeah... it could help Come On Peach! Ur too cool and strong to not be able to get over someone who obviously can't appreciate who you are

    P.s. Sorry if I am repeating something someone else has said or giving completely unneeded advice, but I only have time to quickly skim over other posts >.< But hey! At least I'm posting again XD

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    Re: Letting Someone Go

    Ha ha ha Lasura? You... you're alive? You're alive!!!

    No, advice is never uneeded.

    After all said person in my life has done to hurt me. It would be real easy to just focus on that.... and be able to turn away from any feelings of "love". In fact, there was a time when I didn't care to ever speak to him again, and was sure he felt the same. But during that time I felt as though I was going against myself. Doing something I knew didn't feel... right. Also, I have a child with this person. So, it really does no good to be mad. Because it works. Trust, I can really be angry and bitter. And NOTHING good ever comes of it. Except maybe a psuedo feeling of peace. But even that is short lived. And the only thing the anger has accomplished, is keeping a father away from his son. I promise I will and have regretted that more than I have ever regretted feelings of love.

    I struggle too, with the idea of loving someone who may be thought of as undeserving. Certainly unappreciative. The most painful part, is believing myself to be so worth while. Yet knowing someone I am chosing to care so much for... feels otherwise.

    A church would never turn someone away from its doors for not believeing or understanding God. Those are the people who need church the most (in theory). I'n a simular respect, I can not just unlove someone who doesnt seem to appreciate or want to embrace my love for them. I am not sure if the actual feeling of love has to be give and take. Yes, in order for there to be any functional commitment from both ends, there would have to be a balance of giving and recieving. But love in all simplest of terms is an emotion... more so a devotion. And it shouldn't be given to be recieved. Actually, love may be best utilized if it IS given to those deemed "undeserving".

    Realistically, what would make someone undeserving of your love? Them mistreating you? What is going on in the mind and soul of a person who would constantly mistreat another person? It could be so many things... Confusion. Conflicted emotion. Fear. Denial. Selfishness. Who knows, the list could continue on forever. Point being, a person who is willing to hurt me, probably needs to be shown love.

    As I said earlier. Realizing this doesn't mean I will sit and play a fool forever. What it does mean, is that I will not go against myself and what I believe is right. I will never be able to stop another hand from trying to push me away. But I am not one to be pushed anywhere. I tend to stand firm. The pushing will only make it easier for me to allow pulls from other directions in life. Which is what I intend to do. Theres a whole world outside and beyond my love for one other person.

    I don't need to let go, I just need to realize theres more to hold on to.
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    Re: Letting Someone Go

    well i have loved someone from all my heart , he loved me too but ... i couldn't ignore the fact that i live in an Arabic place and he live in USA ._. we can't be together , and we were have plans of meeting but ... i start not talking to him and which that have been painful for me but i know i did the right thing of letting him go ^_^ i don't want to get hurt more and the same for him , and i will always be with him ^^ ... =^_^=
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    Re: Letting Someone Go

    ...I've never had a true love, I suppose I could sooner rather than later if I pursued it now, but even though I am 19, I still don't feel ready for it yet, I've never gone anywhere with my life, no way I could get hired for a job under my circumstances, so I can't even begin to really move on in life for some number of years...

    I'd have to at least get to studying and get a High School Diploma, or find a girl that is genuinely kind a caring, and didn't care if I have a job or not, but would just like me for who I am, which I admit, that would certainly be wonderful, but really, what's the chance of that happening...? So many are just out for people's money now a days, it's just sad. :|

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    Re: Letting Someone Go

    When you really love someone and they fall out of love with you its painful beyond words. I kept asking myself what I did wrong. I even tried to maintain a "normal" relationship but thats damn near impossible. For me I had to complete remove their presence from my life to let them go. Because if I'd stayed close I would've gotten more and more destructive and mean. Its much easier to let go when you don't constantly see and intereact with that person.

    Our love will go on until the end of time. I will always be yours and you will be mine.

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