In my life I've learned that Everything comes down to two things... stuff you can control and stuff you can't. screw the crap you can't control and focus on what you can... make that as pleasant as possible and the other stuff slides away. I know it's easier said than done (often I can only focus on what I can't do anything about) but when you can do it, it feels so much better than harping on something you can't change take my job for instance..... my boss is a psychotic umm shall we say witch?... and I swear to you I'm not exaggerating- she'd go out of her way to harass me.... so I kept trying to do things to make her happy... it never worked... it drove me so bad that I started loosing my hair, I started having panic attacks every time I had to deal with her bad enough I had to hide in the bathroom until they passed, my stomach was constantly in knots, and I'd cry if she looked at me edgewise.... now why? why did she get to me? I let her do it... I ALLOWED her to get to me. the problem was caused by her and I couldn't change that.... when I tried, I suffered.... it wasn't until I finally said "screw it, screw her I WILL have at least some happiness in my life" that I regained control over myself.... which is all I've ever had... all anyone has..... yet I gave it up to her?!? what the heck is that?!? how can people do that to you??? I gave her control over me without even realizing that I did it... I'll be cooked on a spit if someone like her will control me.

So life comes down two two categories. things that are worth while, things that you can actually influence and things that mean exactly nothing that you can't change. I'm not saying that the things that can't be controlled should be ignored. quite the contrary, however, it needs to be kept in proportion with the happiness you want in your life.