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Thread: Little delights of life

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    Little delights of life

    Well, hello again, AO members...

    Yes yes, we all are well aware that life is often inflamed with plights as well, but shall we consider the positive aspects of it for now? Life, I mean, and the sweet delights it offers. Those delectable things we tend to forget in light of sadness and other misfortunes that oftentimes function as driving forces, stress-busters, and among other things. Know what I mean? Don't tell me you've been sad all your life, that would be untrue. Still you're unwilling? If so.. try to revisit the past and closely examine it along with the present. So tell me, what are some of those things (animate/inanimate) that make your life all the more enjoyable? And explore the "why?!" question. The things that make life worth living and sustaining...

    Oh, please do NOT simply list things. If you do, excuse my expression, you're as good as dead. Let's not act out as preschoolers here.

    Now, serve us some desserts, won't you?

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    Re: Little delights of life

    hummm My delight of life would be the person closest to me, solking. Just being able to know who I can fully trust and not having to worry that they would treat me in an unkind manner is very reassuring. Having someone who is there that knows everything about me and makes me laugh.

    I know some people may see this as someone anyone would say but when you get someone who is really close to you and knows every little thing about you and is able to make you laugh and cheer up. It will make you realise that just having one person who is able to do that makes life worth living. As well as fun because you know there won't be a dull moment when your laughing most of the time.
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    Re: Little delights of life

    Well, hello again, kedar ( just fooling with you.... and trying to learn cool expresstion in English)

    Hmmm.... The enjoyable little things? ^^ Ok, here we go...

    I love to wake up on an early dark morning in a cold, cold room, being covered by my warm, fluffy blanket. I don't know why exactly but I love to be somewhere warm when just a few steps would take me somewhere cold, I guess it just makes me reallize how nice it is.
    And I also love to take my mobile and get online to chat to the nicest person in the world... It makes you feel even cosier, though you end up falling asleep sooner or later.

    Hmmm.. what esle? Being home all alone with a big jar of my favourite caramel Hazen Dazz ice cream.... *licks lips* yummm.... and watch cartoons on television... niiiice.... I enjoy this because of the peace around me and the feeling that I don't have to hurry anywhere and because the ice cream is sooo tasy and so nutritious....

    Would it be very funny if I said- the songs of the birds and the feeling of the soft grass under my feet? Because I was out to a castle here in UK a week ago and we took a walk there and... it was wonderful.
    A bird was singing such a wonderful song, so simple yet so beautiful and touching and the grass was so soft... I could aswear it never was so soft in Latvia... it was great and the air was so fresh and the view so nice... It just made me feel alive...
    I don't know why I suddenly noticed it and why it felt so wonderful actually, but that's just the miracle about the little nice things.

    The big delightful thing... I'm waitign for it but I think it would be what Sazzy said- to be with that person closest to me... *sigh*
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    Re: Little delights of life

    Well mine would have to be anyone that would make me smile or laugh. It makes me forget what is upsetting me in my life even if it's only temporary. I have alot of people who can do that in one way or another. I wouldn't give up even one of them if I had a choice in the matter. They make life worth living. For me that is.

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    Re: Little delights of life

    Hmmm another good thread nice nice nice...

    Little delights in life..why haven't i thought of that...

    - Well first of all...is to be by the beach (alone, or with my best friend) and feel the wind blowing gently and watch a few fishermans bring back the catch of the day...and wait for the sun to set...and catch some pics if i have a camera...

    I like the feeling of the wind..it soothes me up good...relaxing...after a tiring day it's good for me to relax all alone over there.. but...not im busy with something.. i'd have to forget about that..for a while until i have my handphone...the sunset is just spectacular here in penang... even though i lived here for all my life.. i still love it...and i wish to see it with someone someday... ^^

    another is to get back home from school and relax by my pc chatting to the cutest person i know ... ^^

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    Re: Little delights of life

    My first delight would be my husband. As much as I sometimes I don't like to admit it he is everything to me. Yes we have our ups and downs but what couple doesn't. Ever since marrying him my life has been a happier and joyful place. I used to be able to write like crazy but it was all depressing crap. Then I married Paul and I came to a stopping point in writing. I realized I only wrote when I was depressed. Which is hard to be when he's around. He may not do all the things a couple would do but I know he means well and that makes me just as happy to be with him.

    Another delight in my life is my dog. I'm a huge animal lover and it calms my spirits being with animals. Not much of a cat person even though I've lived with them my whole life. When I cuddle with my puppy I just feel so comfortable and safe.

    I love taking pictures and knowing that I'm capturing a moment in time that will never be able to get back. My computer has over thousands of photos of myself, family, my animals, my friends, and vacations. My husband calls me the photo fanatic. He swears I'll have a heart attack if someone took my camera from me.
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    Re: Little delights of life

    My delights of life are my family, friends, and the pursuit of knowledge.

    FAMILY - the most important thing in the world to me. Through my family, I came to religion, culture, and community . . . My family is closer than the mafia. We love each other imeasurably.

    FRIENDS - keep me up when I'm feeling down. They know when I'm hiding something and they know how to take better care of me than I do. I would be so lost without them supporting me.

    KNOWLEDGE - making me a better person. It's the reason that I am always reading, always thinking. Learning new things helps me develop. I can't wait to get certified as a teacher so that I can help others grow the same way.

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    Re: Little delights of life

    Ramen noodles!!! Yeah, I said it; ramen...

    They're my favorite thing to eat. I practically live off of the stuff. When I'm upset, I make a gigantic bowl of ramen and just kick back and stuff my face with noodley goodness (I dunno if noodley is a word, if not it is now, LOL). Somethin' about ramen makes me happy, puts me at peace. ^_^

    My friends are another one of life's delights. Without them, I'd go mad. LOL. They keep me out of trouble and always have my back when the get me in to trouble. Friends are great.

    Then there's the trees...
    God, I love trees! I can climb up one and sit in it all friggin' day! I used to sit in this very skinny tree, way at the top; in my mom's back yard and I would just sit and draw, letting the tree wobble back and forth. It's quite relaxing. I took a nap in the tree in front of my house this summer, that was fun. Alot of our neices and nephews have fallen asleep in that tree (huh, bratling/59wayz? LOL).

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