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Thread: Little things you love

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    Little things you love

    Just small things that you love.

    I love listening to music in my room, with no interruption. It's very peaceful, soothing, and normally helps my depression if I have it.

    I love smelling certain colognes/perfumes. this is kind of a given, but still, just taking a deep breath, and smelling it is so sweet and brings back memories so easily.

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    Re: Little things you love

    simple things?

    hugs from Darling (cuz really, that's the best thing ever)
    a fast-food type cup filled with ice and Dr Pepper (favorite drink in favorite format)
    hugs from my cat (cuz she's so pretty!!)
    the feeling of my room after not being there a while (it's always fresh, and cool, and all my stuff is there)
    looking at school/art supplies (cuz i'm a nerd)
    talking to the parents about politics (cuz we actually agree, and learn about the world's goings-on)
    talking to the sister through the window (cuz that's how we do)


    hugs in general (cuz they're the best!)

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    Re: Little things you love

    I love the smell of laundry exhaust. That dryer dryer sheet smell. I love love love it. I also love to eat ice from super america. It makes me happy.
    I love to hang out at book stores. I can spend hours there.
    I love to watch elmo with my niece and I LOVE to watch my daughter burble and talk. But even more then that I love to cuddle with her right after she's had a nice warm bath.

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    Re: Little things you love

    Little things that I like, are...

    listening to music in my room, where it's peaceful...
    hanging out with my dog...
    and talking to my boyfriend, who knows what to do, no matter what mood i'm in.

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    Re: Little things you love

    hmmmm chocolate ^^ especially milk chocolate Hershey's ^^ =] there's nothing better than some good milk chocolate...and Starbucks ^^ Coffe =] yummy...=]
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    Re: Little things you love

    I love being alone in my room and watching Happy animes >.< while having a milkshake.

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    Re: Little things you love

    I like to drink wine with friends... and have fruit and cheese and good food with it.

    I love mechanical pencils, clean white paper, Sharpie markers and scanners.

    I love single fathers.

    I love hot clothes... yep... right out the dryer.

    I love white and green iced teas (especially in glass bottles) if they are not to sweet (or minty...yuck).
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    Re: Little things you love

    i love:
    -being able to sit at my desk with all my drawing utensils at hand and being able to concentrate with absolutely no interruption. like i don't even move for the next three hours XD
    -drinking iced tea and swinging on my back porch chair on a warm spring/summer day
    -looking out at the night sky while it's thundering and raining through my window. the lightning and rain makes the sky look so beautiful when it's over ^_^
    -looking out at the night sky watching the moon (esp. if it's a full one)
    -laptop time ^_^ watching all my anime and Jdramas online with no interruption
    -being able to write my story continuously for an hour or so with no writers block (oh how i miss that v.v)
    -laughing with friends who understand me, even if we're laughing at absolutely nothing, then start laughing harder because we look so retarded laughing about nothing XD

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