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Thread: Logic vs. Emotion

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    Smile Logic vs. Emotion

    I'm usually a very practical and logical person doing budgeting and chores, keeping the status quo. Have you ever been in a situation where your emotion overrode your logic? Did it pay off?

    My emotion would override my logic when I watch funny anime, sad stories on tv, sad movies and mushy romances. I don't know why I get so emotional over entertainment. It pays off since I know I don't have a heart of stone. I can feel.

    I wonder why my life isn't more like what I see on tv and try to have romances but go back to being boring, practical logical me.

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    Re: Logic vs. Emotion

    I think it would be pretty much impossible to find a person who hasn't had his emotions taking lead over logic at one time or another.

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    Re: Logic vs. Emotion

    I'm logical most times.
    I keep the emotion as my face as to encourage a more pleasing outcome in most situations.
    Despite how logical that is, I do enjoy emotions a lot.

    But I try my hardest to disallow my emotions from taking the lead.
    ...I get in trouble a lot without thinking clearly - moreso than the average person.

    Y'know the idea where there's another you that's kept inside you?
    Where if you don't express your otherself, it becomes stronger and stronger - eventually "overpowering you" and blurting itself out?
    At that moment you still feel like you, and you still see things clearly, but you're obviously not acting yourself in other people's eyes.
    (Reason why you don't feel it too much is because it technically still is you.)

    Yeah... well, you see, I suppress my hyperactive self. I've suppressed it over the years since it used to be the "leader". ...as interesting as my life was when it was actively leading, I had horrible experiences as well - due to how emotionally-powered it was. That part of me never really thought, but inside myself I thought clearly and very logically, allowing that hyperactive part of me to continue being itself but adjusting choices here and there to make sure I didn't make the worst choices.

    ...thing was, as the years went by, I got very tired of how much that part of me got me into trouble and horrible predicaments. As "fun" as I was, I was more trouble than good.

    So I shut it up. My logical side took command, and only allowed my emotional side to come out when it came to matters of the heart and soul (artistic things). ...there were definitely huge backfires by doing this... the early years of having that thing locked up had problems keeping it locked. It would burst out and be a lot more "itself" than ever... *sigh* How embarrassing those moments were.

    It also created a decay in something... I'm not as artistically inspired as I used to be. That part of me was the fuel of my creativity, now that I have complete control over it, it doesn't want to work with me at all. ...that part of me only comes out when it feels like it wants to prove something.

    ...argh, I sound bi-polar, but I'm really not. ...well, technically speaking, I think most people are "bi-polar", and there are levels of strength differentiating between people.
    It's just that I've been extreme most of my life. Either completely emotional, or completely logical. I treat these parts of me as one in the same, but different. Hard to explain.

    Fact is, these two parts of me are very aware of one another, and have to work together despite how much they dislike what one's done and what one's doing.

    ...I'm mostly logical. But emotions have helped me in many ways.
    I wouldn't say I got with Abu through logic. I doubt she'd be fascinated about all the connections I see nor the time I spend organizing things.

    Emotions taking the lead isn't a problem. It's when there's no barrier to keep it from doing something you'll regret - that's a problem.

    A person CAN switch between emotional and logical at anytime they wish - problem is, there's usually something blocking one from the other to see the connection. Until that blockade is resolved, most people will continue to never know when to adapt to situations.

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    Re: Logic vs. Emotion

    There have been many times where i've suffered from allowing my emotions to take over my logic
    Reciprocally there have been situations where i've suffered from allowing my logic to take over my emotions.
    it's hard to know which one is the right one in certain times but i guess that's when your intuition comes into play (but then again isn't intuition a form of your emotion??? ehhh idk)

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    Re: Logic vs. Emotion

    I like emotions means your alive and well.
    But there are times it can get out of control and that can lead to bad thing or if the right emotion is in play great thing.

    Bad things if you let some one get under you skin and you don't let it go, it can't get violent.
    And good thing like having to corage to tell the one you love you fellings about them.

    I show every happy emotion I can to the people around me to try to give them that same felling, unless some one being a jerk then im not nice at all.
    Kamen Rider....DECADE!!!

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    Re: Logic vs. Emotion

    Quote Originally Posted by Hassun View Post
    I think it would be pretty much impossible to find a person who hasn't had his emotions taking lead over logic at one time or another.
    This was pretty much my understanding as well.

    I recently read that "self control" was unnatural for humans beings while looking on Yahoo's homepage. You can't find much more than that particular article, that can be considered "taken out of context".

    Emotions will always override logic at one time or another; It is to what extent, which can be considered the problem. Logic keeps emotions under control and emotions keep logic in check. I think that is correct order or right reasoning, but I can't quite be certain.

    Yin and Yang - There isn't any simple black or white.

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    Re: Logic vs. Emotion

    "Emotions are meant to color your world, not controle it."

    This is a phrase I live by, and it has helped me out a lot in life. Yes I am a logical person, but I am also a very emotionel one as well. I have had my emotiones over-ride my logic before in which cases it usually gets me into trouble, mostly awkward and imbarising situations then anything else. I like to see evidances of what ever, I like to see facts and counter facts untill I make a desition, or study about curtain subjects before I tie an actual opinion or emotion to it. Also, If I see little evidance that carry little/biased/cotradictory/fuzzy logic, I give little value into what said person says untill they can give me something thats tangable.
    I am also, very straight forward, point blank, and blunt. So if anything, my logic helps keep me honest.
    This has gotten me called all of the usual names, like cold hearted and the sort. Which I really don't care about.
    How ever, like I said, I am very emotionel. I can be hot headed, aggressive, but also very and I mean very compassionate and protective of others. I get sad during depressive parts in movies/shows, I get all happy and warm when I see kids playing and having fun or people who are madly in love with each other and... Well, you get the idea. My emotiones, like my logic which keeps me honest, my emotions keep me loyal. My emotions, with a pinch of logic, is what makes me sinical and sarcastic which usually gets a good chuckle out of people as I use it in jest. How ever it can be rather dry and seam like I am being seriouse, mean, and harsh, when I am not... And I must admit, it my take some time to get to know me for people to tell the difference.

    The point is you need a balance between the two, you can't just use one or the other to get the most out of things. Its not possible. With to much emotione you become ignorant, with to much logic you can become dull and boring. Or any other affect. A person are at his/her best when they use both logic and emotion and must find that balance with in them.
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    Re: Logic vs. Emotion

    I think that no matter how logical you may think you are, there is some emotion behind that logic.
    What might be logical to you may be stupid to someone else, so raises the question is there really a logic to anything?
    "You think you know me...? You have no idea."

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