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    o.o what do you do when your lonely whats the best cure T.T?
    made by sinistra thnk you love my friends aswell

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    Re: lonliness

    Well, um, if you are talking about life in general, going out and meeting new friends would be a good thing. The only true way to stop your lonliness is to interact with others. Maybe meet people who have similar interests to you. If you are talking about curing your lonliness at the present moment, then I don't know call someone. Do something to take your mind off of it, reading, or whatever you like. I'm not gonna be perverted and say anything other than that . Me personally, I play games and watch anime (hence I'm here at anime online) or I go on the internet and talk to friends. Hope this helps.

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    Re: lonliness

    Well Ms. Sex Slave (o__o);; Um, if you mean relationship wise, I suggest going out and meeting new people! Starting here at AO would be a fresh start! Meeting new people always opens up that gate of self defense you have going there. I also suggest talking to the ones you already know! Y'know, friends and whatnot. Now, if you mean just plain 'ol boredom... I'd check the What do you do when you're bored thread, and see what others have posted ^ ^ Maybe you could try what they do. You could also read some manga, or watch some anime! That always helps.. Listening to music is a comforting solution as well. There are many things to do when bored, you just have to go out and find them.

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    Re: loneliness

    Quote Originally Posted by lydia sex slave View Post
    o.o what do you do when your lonely whats the best cure T.T?
    Sorry, but we have a similar thread on this.

    What do you do when you are bored?

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