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Thread: long distance relationships

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    Re: long distance relationships

    hmm... a year is not bad... i've seen her only 2 times in the year:
    sem break and christmas break

    so i guess i kind of survived a long sistance relationship... now she's going to where i am... so we won;t be apart anymore! yay!

    i guess all you need is constant communication, make her feel you're there! and to keep on having faith both in yourself and in your beloved. nothing's boud to get in your way except the two of you anyway... so keep the flame of love burning.. or else it's bound to die out...
    i'll choose to love whoever i wish to love and nobody can stop me from doing so ----

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    Re: long distance relationships

    of me i dont think its working of me so im not going to do that any more caz its not working

    so long distance relationships are not for me
    the one and only show that rocks my socks
    the one show that i cant live
    with out.

    soul society will live on forever in the minds of its poeple!!!

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