I'm going to start a 3D mostly relational, single player game. If you've ever been playing one of thoes text "games", where they talk and 2d images flash on and off the screen with different expresions, and been tired of it, wanting some more choice and visual content, tada. If you've ever been watching anime and wanted to say No! say the other thing! Don't do that! If you've ever wanted to see your writing blossom, this could be for you. (Tension and emotion are built by people doing things that are emotionally painful to watch, and there will be plenty of that, but you'll get more decision) If you think a boiled down zelda game, less puzzles, more anime story, less locations. Depending on the setting you have school, home, friends houses... a few places you can go. Within these places ( and a few original places, ex. the park when it snows) a romantic story will unfold, like in anime.

General Summary:
I have not decided on the type of game (futuristic, school based...) that will be up to the writers. I need a tremendous story. Voice acting all the parts is not a early priority. I need a great non adult story.
TO APPLY EMAIL [email protected] with your name, contact information, works you've written, and the reason your interested in joining.
We will need full character profiles profiles,game story text, and scenery. It will be a big job and will likely stretch on for 1-2 years. (Typical for game development) You will see it develop every step of the way, and it will be playable at an early stage.

Now the game plan.
Using the Irrlicht engine.

Here is an example anime render on the Irrlicht engine. Because there is only one model in this demo so it can be high res, our models will remain fairly detailed too. This is not my work, but if we choose a compatible story don't be surprised if this model shows up.

This is not a complete final or high res render, it has no anti analyzing, little to no indirect lighting, no final shaders. The final work should look amazing. For the typical anime styles for example, lines that pop out over there head, or tears that come down or out when embresed... I figured we could use sprites. (2D images integrated well that always face the camera, there are two or three easy ways to pull styles off). In the odd case that our series has an alter art style (everyone small and pudgy for some reason, we could do that too.

And a better 3D rotation video:

To apply email [email protected] with your name, contact information, works you've written, and the reason your interested in joining.