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Thread: Is This Love?

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    Is This Love?

    I've been with him since I first met him like it was on Sept 1, 2006 I knew all about him and he's life. I know all about how he acts and how he is... He's my best friend. Me and him fell in love. We started our relationship for a long time now. But even though he goes online and I keep on PMing him he doesn't answer me. I don't get it? Why he wont answer me? Is it because he is cheating on me or is it because he is so busy? He tells that he is downloading stuff in he's computer. But I am not really sure if he is cheating on me or not. When he was still my best friend he always say alot of "I love you." May I ask is this love?

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    Re: Is This Love?

    Is this a REAL relationship or an online one?

    In case of the former: call him a few times, if he ignores you or gives you excuses, he's just screwing around and you need to move on.

    In case of the latter: of course it's not, don't be silly. If you want a relationship, turn off the computer, go outside and find one.

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