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Thread: love match anyone?

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    Re: love match anyone?

    the guy im with
    and of course the entire mcr band lol
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    Re: love match anyone?

    idk who i would b with.... cuz i dnt really like ne one at the moment....^^ haha but when i do u will kno^^ :P
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    Re: love match anyone?

    My partner Solking, he has done so much for me over the past three years and we have always been close. I never had someone get me to talk about my problems like he can. Its like no matter how much I am troubled inside, he gets me to talk and that shows how much he cares for me because he wants to be there for me. Its not just problems we talk about but its anything and everything. I feel so safe when I am around him and I don't feel like I need to hide anything from him, I can just be myself.

    I had been through hell because someone close to me hurt me really bad during the relationship and Solking was always there for me to talk to about things. Although we have only been dating for over a year, his friendship made me love him before things progressed.
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    Re: love match anyone?

    as i heard once
    we are impresed with the smart girl, we are stunt with the beatiful... and we kept the one that pays attention to us
    or something like that
    for my case i would be glad with anyone that notice me but it seems that's something almost imposible :P
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