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Thread: Love Relationships!

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    Re: Love

    O sorry lol I thought it would arouse some debators minds


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    Re: Love

    to me love is when you have a strong feeling for a person and you care for them deeply. love is a emotion that is one of the most difficult to understand and therfore shouldnt be ytaken lightly

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    Re: Love Relationships!

    I'm so, erm, shy. I've never before confessed before someone else confessed to me first. But only recently one of my friends (who's now studying in Connecticut) found out that I have a major crush on him (well, it's more than just a crush, truth be told) and he was pretty shocked to find out I've been, erm, in love with him for well over a year. Now it's really awful because I find it awkward speaking to him, even online, and well... the truth is, I really want something to develop, but I just keep running away from the subject when we converse. Sighhhhhhh.

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    Re: Love Relationships!

    Quote Originally Posted by kedar View Post
    Greetings to the Members of AO,

    Have you ever been in love or fallen out of it? If so, what is it that made you fall in love, or fall out of love with that certain someone?.. In other words, why is it that you fell in or fallen out of love with that person? Even those who haven't been in love, you may answer to this: Do you take love seriously and only offer it to the one whom you are sure about, or do you just fall in love to get a taste of it to fall in love again with someone else...?

    !It is just that some people fall in love, meaninglessly, without knowing why they love that person other than them having good looks and all, which, to me, seems that most people don't cleary understand the value of love before they hop around calling out names, saying that they are in love with him//her, and then, the next day, they feel otherwise, or love some other person too.... Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to be all hot-headed or serious, but love must be respected, that's all. ^_^

    Enlighten us with your stories and thoughts...
    Falling in love doesn't need reasons... Why..? Do you also need some reasons, to love her back..? Do you have to know that he/she loves you before you love him/her back..? Of course not... I have fallen in love with her too without any valid reasons... It just strucks inside my heart and soul and words inserting to my head...
    "That I fallen in love her..."

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