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Thread: Make Friends! Now!

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    Make Friends! Now!

    lol so ok u new users of AO what i want u to do is to join this and try to make new friends with any1 that joins this thread if u have problems with some1 then ignore them oh and!, i want u to post any video(AO approved) in here so we can see some funny videos to help pass time and to try make new friends and plz dont do anything against AO rules

    oh btw my name is J3W(duh!) and i would like to be ur friend for i am a new user myself

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    Re: Make Friends! Now!


    Although we do encourage friendship to the fullest, we also suggest that you do that on your own through posting in topics or pm'ing otheres.
    Threads like these sometimes take a turn for the worst so im gonna have to close this thread.

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