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Thread: Man confined daughter, sired her 7 kids

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    Re: Man confined daughter, sired her 7 kids

    that is..by far..one of the worst stories i have ever heard next to the Jennifer Tygue stories, i heard of this story, and i couldn't help but feel disgusted,the mother and kids...god what a sickening story ><

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    Re: Man confined daughter, sired her 7 kids

    Quote Originally Posted by iluvmyloser View Post
    April 28: A man in Austria reportedly confesses to holding his daughter captive for 24 years, and fathering her 7 children.

    This is ridiculous. That poor woman. "According" to the mom,She never knew what was going on:

    Find full story here:

    Man arrested for having sex with daughter and having 7 kids with her.
    I find this story particularly disturbing. For the mother to not have known is a curse upon her... to actually believe she ran away is something she should have never did... Did she bother to look for her? report her to the police? Did she ever wonder why her husband has an electronic lock on the door?

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    Re: Man confined daughter, sired her 7 kids

    just sick and grosse! ewe he should be serving several lifeterms or in that matter 20 life terms so that he doesn't bother the poor girl. just psycho.
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    Re: Man confined daughter, sired her 7 kids

    What really amazes me is that these kids survived, and were healthy. Hell maybe he fathered tons more we don't know about, and they were chucked in the furnace when they were born deformed. Guy must have good genes for that many to survive, hell maybe his daughter was adopted or not his biological daughter?

    Also i bet his wife new and is just not admitting it. Shes probably ashamed or fears prosecution.

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    Re: Man confined daughter, sired her 7 kids

    ...Words...do not...discribe...how sick this is! How in the world could someone voluntarily do this! Only 15 years!?! If it were me, I'd put him in jail for the rest of his life! I'm too disgusted to think of how this could've happened to anybody. I feel really bad for whoever would have to go through this.

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    Re: Man confined daughter, sired her 7 kids

    OMG! i heard that too... i was watching tv when it appeared and my reaction went from this to this:

    anyway... it just makes me mad to know that some people just have no decency left in their body... why would they do such a thing? and to their own flesh and blood... i mean... why? and to add... they had 7 children! haven't they heared about condoms at least?! poor kid... not only was she adulterated and/or raped, but she also had to endure 7 births... grrr!!! it just makes me so mad!
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    Re: Man confined daughter, sired her 7 kids

    ... and now it appears he may have murdered a 17 year old girl 22 years ago.

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    Re: Man confined daughter, sired her 7 kids

    Lately i haven't been able to understand this earth, each time i turn on my T.V and watch the news, someone has either been raped, killed, badley abbused, attacked, sucide. Then there is allways global warming and the govermount making more bad descions for the country and well the world. It is truely sickeing to think about this, but 24 years of captivity no help no life, rapped by her father not knowing anything diffrent from her life in the cellar, It's bad enough been raped by her father but being trapped for 24 years reaches of my charts. All i can say is just lock him up forever or hang him kill him. and the 7 children well they are going to be tramourtised for the rest of their lives. I can't describe how i feel but only in one word, angry. Sick people like this seriously don't deserve a life, leaving them all alone whilst he visits the world, Thailand etc. how could someone be so cruel.

    Overall i am glad he's caught and i'm glad they are all safe there is nothing worse if they had never been found, i hope he gets his judgement sooner rather than later.

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